Akimichi KAMIZONO, Division of Environmental Engineering, Supervisor:  Prof OKABE Satoshi
Akimichi KAMIZONO, LAN Xi, Kanae KOBAYASHI, ZHANG Lei, Mamoru OSHIKI and Satoshi OKABE, Effects of Salinity on Anammox Bacteria Population Dynamics, The 55th Annual Conference of JSWE
DAS MAHAPATRA GAURAB, Division of Architectural and Structural Design, Supervisor:  Prof MORI Suguru
Editor’s Choice Award in the competition RESPITES hosted by UNI (2021) in 2021
Dung Tien DO, Division of Human Mechanical Systems and Design, Supervisor:  Prof OHASHI Toshiro
Research Encouragement Award at the 60th Hokkaido Branch Meeting, Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering (23rd October 2021, online).
MA CHI HIEU, Division of Engineering and Policy for Sustainable Environment, Supervisor:  Prof MATSUMOTO Takashi
Incentive Award from The Annual Conference of JSCE Hokkaido Branch
MOHOMED NIYAZ MOHOMED SHAYAN, Division of Environmental Engineering, Supervisor:  Prof SATOH Hisashi
Mohomed Niyaz Mohomed Shayan, Takashiro Onodera, Hisashi Satoh, Study on regrowth of Escherichia Coli present in chlorinated wastewater effluent in urban rivers, International Conference on the challenges in Environmental Science and Engineering (CESE 2021), November 6-7, 2021. (Received the best oral presenter 2nd place)
SOMARRIBA LOPEZ Martin Rene, Division of Architectural and Structural Design, Supervisor:  Prof OKAZAKI Taichiro
Excellent presentation award. AIJ Hokkaido 2021. OKAZAKI Taichiro, MATSUI Ryota. Numerical Simulation of Steel Beam-to-Column Moment Connections to an I-Shaped Column. 94th AIJ Regional Convention, Hokkaido.
XUE Gaoge, Division of Mechanical and Space Engineering, Supervisor:  Prof NAKAMURA Takashi
Young Researcher Award; Gaoge Xue, Takashi Nakamura, Nao Fujimura, Hiroyuki Oguma, Akihisa Takeuchi, Masayuki Uesugi and Kentaro Uesugi. Initiation and propagation process of small fatigue cracks in beta titanium alloy via multiscale synchrotron radiation computed tomography. The Eighth International Conference on Very High Cycle Fatigue (VHCF8), Hokkaido, Japan. July 5-9, 2021 (peer reviewed, oral presentation).
YE Minzhi, Division of , Supervisor:  Prof NAGANO Katsunori
優秀発表奨励賞 (Best Presentation Award);空気調和衛生工学会北海道支部 第 55 回学術講演会 (55th SHASE conference Hokkaido branch); Radiant Ceiling Panel (RCP) for heating/cooling application Part 5. Field measurement and analysis of thermal comfort and energy consumption
ZHAI QI, Division of Sustainable Resources Engineering, Supervisor:  Assoc Prof KURUMISAWA Kiyofumi
第75回セメント技術大会 優秀講演者賞