Amrini Amalia SHAFDAR, Division of Environmental Engineering, Supervisor:  Prof OKABE Satoshi
Excellent Presentation Award (3rd Place) in Midterm Research Presentation Contest of Master Thesis
Jeem MELBERT, Division of Materials Science and Engineering, Supervisor:  Prof WATANABE Seiichi
Paper ranked Top1% of the academic field of Physics (Highly cited paper) by the WEB of Science as of March/April 2018: Melbert Jeem, Lihua Zhang, Junya Ishioka, Tamaki Shibayama, Tomio Iwasaki, Takahiko Kato, and Seiichi Watanabe, Tuning optoelectrical properties of ZnO nanorods with excitonic defects via submerged illumination, Nano Letters (2017), DOI: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.7b00324.
Landon Thomas KAMPS, Division of Mechanical and Space Engineering, Supervisor:  Prof NAGATA Harunori
Good Presentation Award for Student Yuji Saito, Harunori Nagata, “Study of Axial O/F Profile in a Hybrid Rocket Fuel Grain” JSASS Northern Branch 2018 Annual Meeting and 19th Symposium on Propulsion System for Reusable Launch Vehicles, Sendai, March 2018.
Mokhtar Guizani, Division of Environmental Engineering, Supervisor:  Prof FUNAMIZU Naoyuki
Appreciation Award, 3rd ICIEM 2018
Teeranai SRIMAHACHOTA, Division of Engineering and Policy for Sustainable Environment, Supervisor:  Prof KANIE Shunji
Mitsubishi UFJ scholarship (2018/4 – 2020/9)