DAS MAHAPATRA GAURAB, Division of Architectural and Structural Design, Supervisor:  Prof MORI Suguru
Niti Pitakteeratham, Division of Environmental Engineering, Supervisor:  Prof SATOH Hisashi
Best presentation award. N. Pitakteeratham, et al. 2010. Water and Environment Technology Conference. June 2010.
Yan HUI, Division of Mechanical and Space Engineering, Supervisor:  Prof FUJITA Osamu
2. Selected as scholarship student supported from China Scholarship Council, China (2010. 10).
Dai Jianguo (Grad' 03), Division of Structural and Geotechinical Engineering, Supervisor: Prof Tamon UEDA
"Best Paper Award", 5th International Conference on FRP Composite in Civil Engineering, Beijing, China, 27-29 September 2010 
Richard Diaz Alorro, Division of Solid Waste, Resources and Geoenvironmental Engineering, Supervisor: Prof Naoki HIROYOSHI
"Young Author Award", one of the ten best papers presented by an author (30 or below), International Mineral Processing Council during the 25th International Mineral Processing Congress, Brisbane, Australia, 6-10 September 2010
Mohamed Hassan Zakaria, Division of Built Environment, Supervisor: Prof Tamon UEDA
"Excellent Presentation Award", JCI Annual Conference, 7-9 July 2010, Saitama.
Azania Mufundirwa, Division of Solid Waste, Resources and Geoenvironmental Engineering, Supervisor: Prof Yoshiaki FUJII
Best Paper Award for Young Scientists and Engineer, "Prediction of Rock Mass Failure-time of Geo-hazards", EUROCK 2010, ISRM European Rock Mechanics Symposium, 15-18 June 2010, EPFL Lausanne Switzerland.
Zhang Da-wei, Division of Built Environment, Supervisor: Prof Tamon UEDA
"Young Researcher Best Paper Award", FraMCos7, Jeju, 23-28 May 2010, Korea.
Seng Sochan, Division of Solid Waste, Resources and Geoenvironmental Engineering, Supervisor: Prof Hiroyuki TANAKA
"Most Valuable Contributions in the Field of Geotechnical Engineering (student category) Award", Japan Geotechnical Society, Hokkaido Branch, 2010
Zheng Meng, Division of Materials Science and Engineering, Supervisor: Dr Masatoshi SAKAIRI
"Outstanding Oral Presentation Award", Chemical Society of Japan (Hokkaido Branch) winter conference, 2010