Hiroe HARA-YAMAMURA, Division of Environmental Engineering, Supervisor:  Prof OKABE Satoshi
JSWE-KURITA Best Presentation Award, The 41th Annual Conference of Japan [03/2009]
Ali Awaludin (Grad' 08), Division of Built Environment, Supervisor: Prof Toshiro HAYASHIKAWA
2009 JWRS (Japan Wood Research Society) Young Researcher Award based on research work on effect of axial forces in bolts and its relaxation on static and dynamic response of steel-to-timber bolted joints.
Masline Makasi, Division of Solid Waste, Resources and Geoenvironmental Engineering, Supervisor: Prof Yoshiaki FUJII
"Certificate of Excellence", 11th JSCE International Summer Symposium, Tokyo, 2009
Upaka Sanjeewa Rathnayake, Division of Field Engineering for Environment, Supervisor: Prof Norihiro IZUMI
Best Paper, 6th WSEAS International Conference on FLUID MECHANICS (FLUIDS'09), China, 2009
Mohamed Hassan Zakaria, Division of Built Environment, Supervisor: Prof Tamon UEDA
One of the three Excellent Papers of the Year 2009.  Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology.