1. Abhay Kumar , India, M1 Student

Position: SO president

I am Abhay Kumar from India. I am a Railway engineer and M1 student in division of Energy & Environmental systems. While working in Indian Railways I got this opportunity of joining e3 at Hokkaido University. This program has given me valuable experience and exposure to Japanese society and culture. Now I can compare the technology and industry practices in India with those available in Japan. During my first semester in Hokkaido university I attended many e3 events and field trips. This helped me in adjusting to the new social climate and make many new friends. As e3 students we get the rare privilege of being in the company of people from different countries across the globe. Apart from preparing us to meet the challenges in the globalized environment, E3 gives us an opportunity to interact with English speaking students with diverse educational and cultural backgrounds. E3 Students organisation has played an important role in forming strong bond amongst the e3 family and will continue to play a key role in this regard. As e3 members it’s our responsibility to contribute our time and effort to make it more enjoyable and meaningful. I wish to serve e3 students organisation to my best capacity and I hope the e3 family will give me all support to do this. I hope to receive active participation from all e3 members in upcoming events.

2. Kanako TODA, Japan, M1 Student

Position: Academic manager

I’m Kanako(M1) from Japan. I was originally born in Shizuoka in Honshu. We got yummy green teas and Mt.Fuji! I’m really exited to get to know e3 members sharing individual thoughts which springs out from diverse backgrounds and interests. It is really lucky of us that we got this e3 membership infrastructure to communicate with eachother. I’m looking forward to have a lot of students getting positive influences from the e3 SO activities! Let’s spend fun and meaningful time together, making our life in HU unforgettable Talking about myself, I am interested in resource engineering, especially on geological side, working on water-rock interactions. Current researches treated in my laboratory have wide variety in its fields, from considering the nuclear disposal barrier’s stability to the clarifying the massive iron deposit formation. It’ll be great to discuss about my own theme(which is none of above examples but anyways) with students from other labs!

3. Minami FUJIOKA, Japan, M1 Student

Position: Social welfare manager

Hello! I’m Minami Fujioka, master student at Laboratory on Engineering for Sustainable Sanitation. I was born and brought up in Kyoto. I was fascinated by beautiful nature in Hokkaido and decided to start studying here. I’ve joined lots of wonderful e3 events and all of them were full of fun! That’s why I nominated e3 SO committee. I’ll do my best to make our e3 events, especially e3 field trips unforgettable. Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!

4. Kattia Rubi ARNEZ FERREL, Bolivia, M1 Student

Position: Financial manager

Hello! My name is Kattia Rubi Arnez Ferrel. I am from Bolivia and have arrived to Japan almost 9 months ago. So far, I am fascinated with the culture and people. What I like most about Hokkaido University is that this is an international community, where you can find people from all over the world and e3 gives you the opportunity to interact with and share part of our countries. Besides the knowledge that we can acquire from the professors, this is more a spiritual trip where you can discover many things about yourself. This environment challenges you every day so you can improve all your skills. New students, welcome to Hokkaido University! We are here to serve you.

5. Cedric MBA, Gabon, M2 Student

Position: PR manager

Hello my name is Cedric MBA. a master 2 student from Gabon in central Africa, and a member of the laboratory of Groundwater and mass transport. I came to Hokkaido University in April 2015 as a research student and I immediately liked e3. Meeting people from various countries, getting to know them, sharing experiences together is just great. Going through hard work for days, and taking a good break with during e3 activities is something unique. I am a simple person with always a smile on the face. I love travelling within my country and outside, I wish I could visit every country of the world before age 60, lol! Aniway I will try my best to do so. I love eating and I am always ready to try something new, I also enjoy cooking and I think my skills are getting better... As a SO member, I work towards having funnier and diverse activities, and I know that more of you will join and you will not regret. Trust us...