1. LANDON KAMPS, USA, M1 Student

Position: SO president

I’m Landon from the United States. I look forward to spending time together with you and the e3 family in the near future. When I first found out about e3 over two and a half years ago, I knew immediately that I wanted to be a part of the program. I just recently got accepted to the Master’s course in Mechanical and Space Engineering following one semester of study as a research student. During my time as a research student, I was lucky enough to join in on most of the e3 activities and meet many people from e3. Each one of those events was very enjoyable, and motivated me to try for the position of SO chair. E3 students come from countries all around the world and from all walks of life, which is precisely why I believe that, together we have incredible potential. The bonds that we form here will transform our lives, and inspire us to be a new generation of innovators and leaders. Let’s explore, learn and grow together during our time at Hokkaido University!

2. SHOFA RIJALUL HAQ, Indonesia, D1 Student

Position: Academic manager

Hello e3 student, My name is Shofa Rijalul Haq, a student from Indonesia. I belong to Laboratory of Groundwater and Mass Transport, Division of Sustainable Resource Engineering. My background study is mining and geological engineering. As a matter of fact, I had been in Hokkaido University as student exchange of long term PARE program for about six months, September 2014 - March 2015. Then I went back to Indonesia to complete my master and came again to Hokkaido University to pursue a PhD degree, which has been starting since October 2015. When registered as student at Hokkaido University, I was automatically a part of e3 (English Engineering Education) families. The activities and events organized by e3 families are always made me fascinated. I feel like home when I am interacting with them, so much fun and happiness. Many times, it decreases my level of depression and stress due to my laboratory work. On November 25, 2015, I was nominated and officially became a Vice-Chair (Academic) of e3 SO (Student Organization). In consequent, I am committed to enhancing the quality of education available at Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University by assisting to campus events and activities which enrich e3 community through organizing lectures, workshops, or seminars. So, let’s gain successful academic experience and have fun together!

3. SHUKI MIURA, Japan, M1 Student

Position: Social welfare manager

Hello, everyone. My name is Shuki Miura, Mater 1st student at Laboratory of Engineering for Maintenance System. I was born and raised in Sapporo, so now I’m very delighted that you chose Hokkaido University, my hometown university and happy to study at Hokkaido University with you. Turning point for me to join such an international activity like e3 is my first stay in foreign country in Thailand. I studied as exchange student one semester at Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology in Thammasat University with many kind students. After that, I have tried to be kind and provide many events to international students as same as Thai students did for us. When I was suggested to nominate e3 SO committee, I thought it may be the chance to expand my challenge, to give opportunities to enjoy their life in Hokkaido. I will do my best to provide many events which make you experience Hokkaido and Sapporo. Let’s enjoy and have a great time together in Hokudai life!!

4. NGUYEN THI PHUONG THAO, Vietnam, M1 Student

Position: Financial manager

Once upon a time, I dreamed I could fly on the sky to another country. E3 appears and my dream comes true in an unbelievable way. New life in a new country - Japan- opens with many colors and one of those beautiful colors is made up by my new Japanese friends. They are standard for me to try in my forthcoming student life. Japanese students have a good sense. They come early before every seminar to prepare projector, tidy table, and chair, serve tea, and cakes. After seminar, they together tidy the room again to turn it back to original status. No one leaves until when the work finishes. They are very on time. If seminar starts 4:30 many students are already in there since 4:00, or some others come exactly at 4:30 no later even 1 minute. They are very clever. I am really shock when attending their poster seminars. The research result indicates that they have done many experiments. The poster is full of complicated formulas and diagrams. They all deal with very difficult and challenge research topics. I always look at them admiringly and tell with myself how high level Japanese education is. Japanese students are very hard working as well. They can stay overnight at lab to carry out experiment and write report. Every day they leave laboratory at eight or nine P.M even under the bad weather condition. Surprisingly, once they come to the party, they become another person. Someone who has never talked to me before, makes conversation with me. Since then, I recognize that Japanese students are not so cold but very friendly. They drink a lot alcohol without being drunk. And the way they eat noodle is very interesting that I still can’t imitate. Sometime, Japanese students are also lazy like student-being. They spend 2 continuous hours to play videogame or read comic. There is a bookshelf of comic in my lab. I am lucky to be a member in my laboratory, I am happy to say ohayo each morning an otsukare every evening to everyone in my lab. I am enjoying my life in Japan.

5. DAVID CEMPEL, Czech Republic, D2 Student

Position: PR manager

Hello everybody! My name is David. I’m from Czech Republic (Prague and beer :). I have moved to Sapporo in October 2014. Why did I choose Hokkaido/ Sapporo? First of all I love Japanese kindness, politeness and willingness. Secondly I love snow, skiing and cross-country skiing and the fact that nature is so close even if you’re living in a big city. In past three years I’ve lived in Korea and Sweden and was enjoying cultural exchange experience and now it’s time for Japan! I’m doing PhD in Materials science. I’m enthusiastic about all kinds of sports. I especially love basketball, triathlon, hiking and mountaineering, but any sport is fine for me. I decided to join SO committee as a Vice-chair for public relations for several reasons. One of them would be that research doesn’t give me as much space for creativity as I need. On the other hand PR gives me relative freedom for my creativity, and E cube gives me opportunity to meet many people from all around the world, and getting to know each is the best part of every relationship. So I take this opportunity more like a fun than a job. I’m looking forward to meet you all to hear your life stories, therefore don’t waste your time and join E cube family!