1. Ankit Ravankar, India, D2 Student

Position: SO president
Ankit photo

Hello, my name is Ankit Ravankar. I am from India. I came to Japan 4 years ago as a Masters student in the lab of Robotics and Dynamics. I am currently doing my PhD from the same lab.  As an international student in this university, I always wanted to be actively involved in extracurricular activities and events apart from my research life to keep myself active, and so I chose to become the officer for e3 Student Organization. I am presently the Chairman of e3 SO and previously served as a e3 Vice-chairman Finance officer. This has widened my vision about the world a lot. I have gained enormous experience while working in a truly international environment and meeting students from different countries frequently. Organizing events, bringing in new ideas, planning and finalizing the ideas have given me new management skills. I believe university days are perhaps the best days of one’s life and one should take every opportunity that comes your way to improve your skills and give you international exposure. As a Chairman of e3 SO, my responsibilities are to make students life easy and stress free through recreational events that gives them a break from the monotonous research life.  Apart from making robots, my hobbies are photography, travelling, reading and cooking. I like making new friends and learning new things.

2. Mohan Amarashiri, Sri-Lanka, D1 Student

Position: Academic manager
Mohan photo

I am Mohan from Sri Lanka. Currently I am a phD candidate in the Water Quality Control Engineering Laboratory. I entered Hokkaido University in October 2012 and I am the VC Academic at the moment. I will be mainly assisting you in supporting you with academic activities like organizing talks and workshops. I have eating and travelling as main hobbies and e3 is a good place for both my hobbies and I have friends all over the world now. I would like to invite all to come and join with us.

3. Sarasa Ishiduka, Japan, M2 Student

Position: Social welfare manager
Sarasa photo

How do you do? I am Sarasa, have been living in Sapporo from my birth, so a kind of native Sapporian. You can ask me anything about Sapporo! I used to learn Japanese tea ceremony and archery, to be a good girl but finally failed. What I like currently is drinking, cooking, and hiking low-mountains. I am graduating in 6 months and going to work in Nagoya, so let's enjoy remaining school life together!

4. Reem Abukmeil, Palestinian, M2 Student

Position: Financial manager
Reem photo

e3 program is a great opportunity to make so many friendship relations and enjoying the life here in Japan away of the research stress. e3 SO group is a small family who is seeking always to gather the e3 students for lively activities to have fun. My responsibility is to collect the participation fees from our family e3 members, adjust the budget for each activity and saving the money to have the maximum fun we can get all together