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E Internship credits

Since July 2015 subjects called Internship I E (English internship 1 credit) and Internship II E (English internship 2 credits) were officially created, therefore now students who go for internship will not have a problem for registering this credits as part of the English curriculum.

Internship can be in principle defined as "English" in the following cases.

1. Internship is offered in a country other than country of student’s origin.
2. Internship is offered in domestic or international organization which official working language is English.
3. Internship offer clearly shows that intern’s responsibilities require advanced English skills
4. In other situations, when it can be judged that internship will be mainly conducted in English.

What to do if I want to register the Internship E?

Before submitting the credit application to the Academic office please consult with e3 coordinator. Please bring with you a letter from the accepting organization or other document with the outline of the internship plan.

More information about internship you can find through the CEED: