Classes and Registration

Course schedule

  • Second semester:

Course registration period:  September 28- October 9, 2020
(Confirmation period: Fall and Winter term :October 26-30, Winter term : December 7-9 ) 

Grades Confirmation period :  
*Please check the grades by yoursel through the ELMS. 

 Fall term

October 1st (Thursday) to November 27th (Friday)
*Classes will be offered through e-Learning

 Winter term

November 30th (Monday) to February 3rd (Wednesday) 2021


How to register

Please use your ELMS ID and Password and log-in from the following page during the registration period:

  • For new students: ELMS ID and Password will be given later
  • For current students: If you don’t have your ID and Password, please go to the window 5, 1st floor, Institute of the Advancement of Higher Education with your student ID 

Forms:(PDF) * You don't need to submit the Notification of Course Registration.  (Make sure to consult with your supervisor(s) about course registration. If there is no class to register this semester, you have to inform your supervisor(s) that you are not taking any courses. )

About Selection of Secondary Fields of Study (New Master students only)---
Those who started e3 2020 April will be asked to choose it later and hand in the form
by email. Please wait for the notice.
If you want to change your Secondary Fields of Study, you have to hand "the Change of
Secondary Field Form" to the window 2 at Academic Affairs Office.

1. Selection of Secondary Fields of Study (New Master students only, apply through online)

2. Add/Change of Course Request Form / Send by email

3. Change of Secondary Field Form


ELMS User Manual

-Use guide for web registration system for e3 students

Course Information

Online courses will be offered.  Please check each division's website for details. (English is also available on each division's website) * First you need to log-in from the ELMS system.

  • Time table (Engineering website)
  • Course Number to register ELMS system/  For students who enrolled in 2019 and before only (PDF)

       -DC_Course Number List for e3 students (2nd semester, 2020)

       -MC_Course Number List for e3 students (2nd semester, 2020)

Classes schedule/information updates noticeboard

Other information