Classes and Registration

Course schedule

  • First semester:

Course registration period:  April 21-27, 2020
(Confirmation period: Spring and Summer term from May 19-22, Summer term from June 22-24) 

Grades Confirmation period : August 17, 13:00 - August 21, 17:00.
*Please check the grades by yoursel through the ELMS. 

 Spring term

April 14 - June 12, 2020
*Classes will be offered through e-Learning  from April 14 to June 12

 Summer term

June 15 - August 7, 2020
*Classes will be offered through e-Learning
*There will be classes on July 23 and 24(National Holidays)

 Makeup courses August 11 - 17
*Makeup courses are conducted only when the number of courses in Summer quarter do not meet the requirement.


How to register

Please use your ELMS ID and Password and log-in from the following page during the registration period:

  • For new students: ELMS ID and Password will be given later
  • For current students: If you don’t have your ID and Password, please go to the window 5, 1st floor, Institute of the Advancement of Higher Education with your student ID 

Forms:(PDF) * You don't need to submit No.1 and No.2 this semester.  (For registraton, consult your supervisor and get consent)

1. Notification of Course Registration(Submit every semester)

2. Selection of Secondary Fields of Study (New Master students only) / Submit this to the second semester

3. Add/Change of Course Request Form / Send by email (No need signature from your supervisor but get consent by email)

4. Change of Secondary Field Form


ELMS User Manual

-Use guide for web registratio system for e3 students

Course Information

Online courses will be offered from April 14 to June 12.  Please check each division's website for details. (English is also available on each division's website) * First you need to log-in from the ELMS system.

  • Time table (Engineering website)
  • Course Number to register ELMS system/  For students who enrolled in 2019 and before only (PDF)

       -AY2020 Spring term Time Table

       -AY2020 Summer term Time Table

Classes schedule/information updates noticeboard

Other information