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Course schedule

Download: Course Registration for the 1st semester in AY2022

First Semester 2022-2023 (Spring and Summer quarters)

Spring Quarter: April 8th to June 10th, 2022
Summer Quarter: June 6th to Augusut 5th, 2022

Second Semester 2022-2023 (Fall and Winter quarters)

Fall Quarter: October 3rd to December 1st, 2022
Winter Quarter: December 2nd to February 6th, 2022

On-line courses registration period for Spring semester: April 6th-April 15th, 2022

*Please make sure to register both Spring and Summer quarter courses and full semester courses (except for the intensive courses- they can be registered separately depending on the course schedule)

Registration contents confirmation period:

Spring/Summer courses: May 16th- May 18th, 2022
Summer courses only: June 20th- June 21st, 2022

Secondary field of study registration/change deadline: 

Check the announcement for details.

Grades Confirmation period:

*Please check the grades by yourself through the ELMS at the beginning of the next semester.


How to register

Please use your ELMS ID and Password and log-in from the following page during the registration period:

  • For new students: the envelopes with ELMS ID and Password will be distributed at the beginning of the semester.  For students who can not arrive to Japan, the ID and PW will be sent by e3 office.
  • For current students: If you don’t have your ID and Password, please go to the window 5, 1st floor, Institute of the Advancement of Higher Education with your student ID 

Please make sure to consult with your supervisor(s) about course registration. If there is no class you are going to register this semester, you have to inform your supervisor(s) that you are not taking any courses. You don't need to submit a paper form to register courses within the course registration period, just choose the courses in the ELMS system.

About the Selection of Secondary Fields of Study (New Master students only)

Master’s course students must take a minimum of 4 credits from another division or a special program (if deemed appropriate, in some cases - courses of another graduate school) – it’s called a Secondary Field of Study. You will be asked to register which division/program etc. you have chosen as your Secondary field later (usually in November for students enrolled in October and in May for student enrolled in April)

How to change the Secondary Field of Study ( For current Master's course students)

For students enrolled in Academic year 2020 or later: please change your secondary field in the system following the announcement from the academic affairs office (usually in November for students enrolled in October and in May for student enrolled in April). For students enrolled in a.y. 2019 or earlier: you have to hand "the Change of Secondary Field Form" to the Academic Affairs Office by e-mail.

Credit transfer (for Master's course students)

Master’s course students can request for up to 2 credits from another division or graduate school to be transferred to their major/primary field of study with the permission of you their supervisor. After obtaining the permission, please send “Add/Change of Course Request Form” to Academic Affairs Office [k-gakuin -at -] by email. The request can be sent anytime outside of the registration period.
Please check the student manual of your year of enrollment  for details on which courses can be transferred to your primary field.

Intensive Courses(subjects)

Intensive courses can be advertised separately and registered outside of the registration period. Please follow the guidance of the course instructor to register a credit.

*For the recipients of MEXT e3 scholarship ("Global Leadership Program for Cold Region Engineering."):

You are required to take two credits from one of the following intensive courses. You will be informed separately which courses and when you shall register.

-Fieldwork on Development Technologies in Cold Region

-Design School in Japan and Russia



1. Add or delete a course  (accepted only during the course registration confirmation period)

2. Transfer to the Primary Field of Study (For Master's students other than CPRE)

3.  Transfer to the Primary Field of Study (For Master's students in CPRE)

4. Change of Secondary Field Form


ELMS User Manual

-User's guide for web registration system

Courses Information

Courses will be offered on-line and in-person.  Please check courses timetable and ELMS system to confirm the format. 

On classes delivery in the second (Winter) semester

On classes delivery in the first (Summer) semester.

  • Time table
  • Course Number to register ELMS system/  For students who enrolled in 2019 and before only (PDF)

       -DC_Course Number List for e3 students (2nd semester, 2020)

       -MC_Course Number List for e3 students (2nd semester, 2020)

Classes schedule/information updates noticeboard



Few of the courses are prerecorded and can be also taken in e-learning format with the permission of your supervisor and course instructor. You can also audit a course without registering a credit.

To take e-learning courses: register in the CEED system following the instructions above.
To register the credit for e-learning course: register in the CEED system and follow the instructions in the Student Manual for credits registration.

Other information

  • Academic Calendar


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