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Job Hunting Schedule 2016 and Types of Job Hunting

In Japan, Japan Business Federation regulates reqruitment schedule for its member companies. Such as periods when companies allowed to schedule company introduction/reqruitment seminars, start accepting applications, actual selection activities such as tests and interviews etc.

Since FY2014 the beginning of "job hunting season" was shifted. This year it starts from March (for student graduating in September 2016 and March 2017). Official "selection activites period" (interviews etc) is scheduled from June.

After the begining of job hunting season one should act very quickly - attending companies seminars, filling applications, doing SPI tests etc. and if lucky enough attending interviews (normally at least 3 times). It means that before that one should already have an idea which companies they want to apply, started training some basic skills like writing cv and answering personality tests, and ideally - had already finished internship in the companies of their highest priority. Counting backwards - you should have started preparing for job hunting immediately after your enrollment in the Master's program!

Sounds tough? It is as tought as it may seem. Below is typical job hunting schedule/plan and short explanation of 2 types of job hunitng kindly prepared by Prof. Katsuhiko Sasaki.

*Important: some of the foreign capital companies may not follow this schedule and start reqruitment activities even earlier!

Types of Job Hunting
by Prof. Katsuhiko Sasaki

  • Application using universityrecommendation
  • General application


  • University recommendation

•A professor responsible for job hunting writes a recommendation letter to a company you wish to apply.
•To have a recommendation letter you should be selected in your division.
•Probability to get a job is about 70%.
•If you get informal decision to employ you, you can not decline that decision.
•After you get the informal decision from a company, you must stop all other activities of job hunting.
•Job hunting using the recommendation is based on the relation of trust between company and university.

  • General application

•Entry for your application from internet site of a company you wish to apply.
•Company asks you to do a test named Synthetic Personality Inventory (SPI) and inform you date of interview.
•Interview will be held more than three times.
•Although you get informal decision you can decline that decision.
•You can apply multiple companies at same time.
•Probability to get a job is lower than application using university recommendation.


Job Hunting Schedule

*If you are a Phd student and considering working in industry, add one year to the left side.

Schedule foe Students enrolled in October

Schedule for Students enrolled in Aoril