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Publication : 19/11/27 15:47
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Room for the Bioengineering for Natural Resources (Prof. nakashima) was changed from P354 to N303.

Resources, Human and the Earth, prof. Fujii will start on April 14 (Tuesday), C310 1630-1800


Room location for two lectures below has changed and updated time table is uploaded.

Bioengineering for


Next week class "Materials for Space structure" (Prof. T. Nakamura) will be conducted on Thursday


Human Settlement Design class (Prof. T Ozawa) will start on April 16.

"Risk assesment and management" course of Prof. Kishi will start on April 13

"Architecture and Human Behavior" will start from April 16th, the room is A206

Lecture  “37050 Medical Device and Biomaterials”, Prof. Sasaki Katsuhiko, on April 8 is cancelled.

Strengthening Mechanisms of Materials (Prof. Miura) on October 8 (Wed) is cancelled, next class is