Want to explore more about Hokkaido and it's industry? On 26th-27th of August SO is palanning e3 field trip. This year destinations are Yoichi eco-village, Lake Utonai and TOYOTA automobile factory. We will spend one night at Otaki seminar house where we can play sport games and make BBQ. Field trip is once an year chance, dont miss it!

11 phd students have approached to their final defense this semester. Below I will keep updating the public presentation schedule. Please come and cheer (not aloud:) for your friends and collegues.

August is approaching and again it means that many of our colleagues will graduate. This semester, 12 Master's course students are expected to graduate. Below is the schedule of public defenses, please feel free to come and support your friends and colleagues!*I still don't have details of some presentations, so I will keep updating the information.

Today we had a lecture by Prof. Ralf Greve about how to give a great scientific presentation. Yeah, the idea is to convey your complicated research result and still do not let your listeners to daydream or chair-sleep ( Japanese language has a simple word inemuri, literally chair-sleep) during your presentation and not only that.

Last Friday, July 4th, a group of students from Hokusei Gakuen Junior High School has visited our school. Students spent a morning exploring the campus and during the lunch time they conducted interviews with the 20 foreign students from e3 and other programs at the graduate school of engineering.

Dear All!

Welcome to the renewed e3 noticeboard! The idea of e3 community is to transcend the one sided "board" and have more interaction with and between e3 students and alumni. Hope you will enjoy new design and options. If you have any suggestions and recommendations, please let me know!