Date&time: November 4, 2015, 16:30-18:30
Venue: Academic lounge 3, Graduate School of Engineering

Have you considered work in Japan?

To help you learn how employment system works in Japan and what options are opened for international students
e3 is inviting two special speakers.

Mr. Eric Barasa, a graduate of Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, not only been working for Fujitsu for 6 years, but is also experienced with his company recruitment activities.

Prof. Iida has already twice made a very inspiring and informative talks for e3. He has reach corporate experience with NEC in Japan and abroad, and his office opened in 2014 provides career support for English speaking DC and PD.

Prof. Sasaki, new head of the Engineering Career Planning office will explain about the career support system for engineering students.

This event is also opened for students outside the graduate school of Engineering.


e3 newcomers and veterans have enjoyed bbq together. e3 was blessed with a good weather just the day before Taifun approaches Hokkaido! 43 people have joined the bbq.





On September 30, e3 professors, staff, alumni and Student organisation`s representatives welcomed 35 new e3 students during the e3 newcomers orientation.

This semester 35 students are joining Master's and Phd programs in e3, 22 of them have just arrived in Japan, 5 have completed Master's degree in e3, 6 has studied as research students and 2 are transferring from Japanese program.



"Second half courses" will start from December. Please check below for the 1st and second half courses schedule below:

Monday classes
The 1st half: 5 Oct. (Mon)~30 Nov. (Mon)
The 2nd half: 7 Dec. (Mon)~1 Feb. (Mon)
Tuesday classes
The 1st half: 6 Oct. (Tue)~1 Dec. (Tue)
The 2nd half: 8 Dec. (Tue)~4 Feb. (Thu)
*Tuesday Course will be given on Thursday, 4 Feb.
Wednesday classes
The 1st half: 7 Oct. (Wed)~25 Nov. (Wed)
The 2nd half: 2 Dec. (Wed)~3 Feb. (Wed)
Thursday classes
The 1st half: 1 Oct. (Thu)~26 Nov. (Thu)
The 2nd half: 3 Dec. (Thu)~28 Jan. (Thu)
Friday classes
The 1st half: 2 Oct. (Fri)~27 Nov. (Fri)
The 2nd half: 4 Dec. (Fri)~5 Feb. (Fri)

Attention: Please note that this schedule is subject to change.
Please contact the course subject instructors for the details.

Some professors may cancel the first 1-2 class, please check this thread for updates or contact course supervisor in advance.

Last Updated on Monday, 19 October 2015 14:55

Time Table for Winter Semester 2015 starting on October 1st is now available.

Courses pre-registration will be started from September 28.


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I'm proud to present new e3 promotional materials - e3 brochure, English and Japanese poster.

I would like to express my gratitude to all professors, students and staff who has contributed to this brochure.  Thank you volonteering as models, contributing your photos, sharing some ideas and suggestions with me.
I'm also sorry if your photo didn't make it into the final edition, all the photos we will keep using for other promotional materials, home page etc.

You can pick a hard copy of brochure/posters in the International affais office A1-58, or e3 office A4-58.

Please feel free to take it back to your home university or bring along when you attend some international conferences etc.

Download e3 brochure Pdf (9.6 mb)

Download e3 English Poster (1.7 mb)


This month e3 is saying goodbye to 24 graduates (12 Master's and 12 Phd).
Graduate plans
<Phd graduates>

4 - post docs at HU
1 - assistant professor at HU
1 - post doc in Todai
1 - employment in Japanese company (Takenaka)
4 - university lecturer in home country (Indonesia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka)
1 - job hunting in Home country

Record number of graduates (5) are staying in Hokkaido University. (Last October - only 1).
Totally - most than half of the graduates will stay in Japan (at least for a short period).

<Master's graduates>

5 - continue to Phd in HU
1 - applying for Phd abroad
1 - university lecturer in home country (Bangladesh)
3 - Job Hunting in Home country
1 - Job hunting in Japan
1 - unknown

Graduates - 2015 profiles: