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Classes  /  01.08.2016

Spring/Summer Semester 2016 Grades announcement date and confirmation period

Grades for the Spring/Summer Semester 2016 will be published on August 18 (Thu), 2017 13:00~. You can check your grade through the ELMS.

Period to confirm grades/and appeal for review is from August 18th(Thu)13:00 to August 24th(Wed)17:00 only. No requests can be accepted after that period.

Events  /  14.07.2016

A visit from Hokusei Gakuen Girl's Junior High School 2016

66 students from Hokusei Gakuen Girl's Junior High School were welcomed by Faculty of Engineering on July 8th. After taking a walk around HU, students conducted small interviews with international students about their countries and the life in Japan. This event is held every year, and the aim is to experience the cultural exchange before the English training trip to Canada in October.

23 international students joined this event as volunteers. They answered to the high school students' questions and explained about their countries using prepared photos and PowerPoint slides.

Although it was a short time, they had a good time together!

Events / Reports  /  11.07.2016

Master's thesis defences calendar Sep 2016 graduates

15 Master's students are expected to graduate this March and here is the schedule of their public defenses. Please feel free to come to support your collegues and friends! Attending your collegues presentations (also outside of your division) is a good way to improve your presentational skills. When you join the presentation, please make sure to enter the room before the presentation begins.

All defenses are scheduled betweenJuly 25 and August 10, 2016.

*Presentation time may be shifted dependng on the proceeding, please come ahead of the stated time.

Events / Reports  /  11.07.2016

Phd thesis defences calendar Sep. 2016 graduates

14 Phd students are expected to graduate this March and here is the schedule of their public defenses. Please feel free to come to support your collegues and friends!

All defenses are scheduled between June 2, 1970 and August 17, 2016.

Events  /  30.06.2016

Commencement ceremony Jun 30 2016

Congratulations to Mr. Li Jing, Division of Mechanical and Space Engineering who received his PhD diploma and e3 completion certificate today!


Classes  /  01.06.2016

New classes information noticeboard

New classes information/schedule updates noticeboard is introduced. This is permanent link, please use it to check if there are any updates.

Lecture information

(Also accessable from Classes and registration section/General)

*Classes of the Summer Quarter start on June 8th, 2016 (Wed)
(one semester-long courses will continue).
*Confirmation period for Summer quarter classes: June 13~15, 2016

Classes  /  01.04.2016

Course registration for Summer semester

Course "pre-registration" for e3 students is opened. Please follow the guidelines and instructions you received by e-mail.

Deadline for adding and dropping courses is April 19th, 2016.

Please note that you have to register both, Spring and Summer quarter classes during this period!

Classes  /  31.03.2016

Timetable updates Summer 2016

Classes of Summer semester (First Quarter) 2016 begin on April 5th (Tue). Timetible is available for download from Classes and registration page.

Some professors may cancel the first 1-2 class, please check this thread for updates or contact course supervisor in advance.

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