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Events  /  27.08.2015

e3 15th Anniversary

This year e3 celebrates it's 15th anniversary! The English-medium program at the Graduate School of Engineering was started in October 2000 and since then awarded 176 Master’s and 142 Doctoral degrees to students from 43 countries. 115 students from 28 countries are currently enrolled in the program, including 14 Japanese. Nowadays all 12 divisions offer English curriculum and are members of the e3 program. Program is granted 16 MEXT scholarships annually.

Events  /  27.08.2015

Party for September 2015 graduates

Yesterday, August 26 e3 SO organised traditional e3 graduation party. 12 Master's and 12 Phd students are graduating this September. Also not all of them could join, those who did had great time together. Special thanks for Prof. Kobayashi and Prof. Ueda for giving inspirational speeches!



Events  /  26.08.2015

Doctoral course Mid Term evaluations schedule September 2015

Doctoral students are required to undergo mid-term evaluations towards the end of first and second year of their program. Now is a period for evaluation for the D1 and D2 students enrolled in October. Evaluation presentations are public so you can join some of the presentations to learn from your seniors.

Events / Reports  /  21.07.2015

Phd thesis defences calendar Sep. 2015 graduates

12 Phd students are expected to graduate this September and here is the schedule of their public defenses. Please feel free to come to support your collegues and friends!

All defences are scheduled between July 28 and August 5.

Events / Reports  /  21.07.2015

Master's course final presentation calendar Sep. 2015 graduates

12 Master course students are expected to graduate this semester. Below is public defence schedule, broken up by the graduating division.Please come and support your collegues and friends!

Events / Reports  /  03.06.2015

eVision is back: June 2015 edition is now available!

It's been a long time we all waited for the new e-vision. I would talk to SO presidents of 2012-13, and 2013-14 (Ankit and Justin), SO members and students, everyone agreed that yes, it's sad that the tradition was interrupted, but it was nothing we could do at the moment. Once suspended practice is very difficult to resume.

But luckily for us in October 2014 our program joined a member who had both interest and experience in publishing, Sajal Chowdhury. Sajal took the opportunity to use his editing and designing skills and gathered a talented team (Maria Rivas, Srikrishnan Siva Subramanian). In few month this trio prepared the whole 24 pages magazine, full of exiting content. I'm happy to welcome back the re-born e-vision and looking forward to the editing team keeping up their great work!

Events / Reports  /  26.05.2015

e3 Hanami BBQ May 9, 2015

e3 Hanami BBQ party was held on May 9, 2015 at Hokkaido Shrine.   Participants enjoyed the beautiful cherry blossoms and the delicious food. 

Events / Reports  /  18.05.2015

e3 Field Trip - May 15-17, 2015

We just came back from e3 Field Trip, which this year lasted 3 full of events days, from May 15 to 17.

Traditionally field trip is Organized in August, but this year it was experimentally moved to May, and in my opinion experiment was successful. Despite the Friday being a working day, 31 participants (including professors and e3 staff) joined the trip.
Trip covered two different topics - sustainable energy and architecture and 3 professors have prepared the educational content for the trip.