This semester e3 and Environmental Engineering Division once again inviting Prof. Webeck from Tohoku University to teach a popular course "Presenting research findings in English ".

52 students including the students continued his/her studies from Master to PhD at HU joined e3 for October 2017 intake! It was very exciting for us to meet new students. They are coming from different countries, cultures, and background. We are very grateful that e3 is getting more and more diverse and multicultural. There is one thing that all students have in common… they are all outstanding! Professors, staff members, and friend will support his or her journey to become an internationally competitive engineer. Now the journey begins from here! 

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E3 had a graduation party for the graduating students on September 21st from 6:15pm. Graduating students briefly shared their research, how she/he felt when coming to Japan first time, what is the future goal… some are going to be doctoral student in HU, and some are going to back to their countries, and the others are looking for job opportunities inside/outside Japan. 31 e3 students must have had struggles, and sleepless night during schooling, but at the end they did really good job, and I am very proud of all of them. In addition, I would thank to professors who supported all years for e3 students. They opened students’ career path, and made amazing international engineers. Congratulations on all of the graduating students! We are always here for you😊

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Our traditional e3 field trip was held from August 22nd to 23rd in 2017. We went to Asahikawa Wastewater Treatment Plant, Itomuka mine, Asahiyama Zoo, and Sounkyo At Asahikawa Wastewater Treatment Plant, we learned how wasted water was treated, and looked around the plant. We also visited the Banana Museum at the plant. Unfortunately, bananas were not big enough to eat…After that, we went to Asahiyama zoo to see various animals. There were wolves, rare monkeys, owls, polar bears, giraffes, tigers, and so forth. It was a rainy day, but we fully enjoyed our time at the zoo. We stayed at Kitaushi Park, and did BBQ at night. We talked, danced, and sang. Some of us went to Onsen as well!

On the second day, we visited Itomuka Mine, where recycles mercury. First, fluorescent, polluted sludge, and contaminated soil was heated in the turbine to turn mercury into gas. Then, vaporized mercury get cool down, and become the liquid form again. After that, it is purified to be used for experiments at universities, laboratories, and so on. Thank you for taking us there, Professor Ito-sensei. As a last pace for this trip, we visited Sounkyo, and hiked the mountain all together. It was such a nice memory taking pictures with all members after hiking.

We had a wonderful trip!! Thank you all of people involved with trip!

We are excited to welcome more e3 family members for the next e3 trip:)


Timetable for the Winter semester (autumn and winter quarters) has been published.

Please keep watching for the timetable updates through classes and registration page and checking for the classes cancellation information at the noticeboard

Winter semester 2017 schedule:

Autumn term (3d quarter):  Oct 2 (Mon) - Nov 30 (Thu)
Winter term (4th quarter): Dec 1 (Fri) - Feb 5 (Mon)

Pre-registration period: September 26~October 2 (Mon), 2017
Period for adding and dropping courses: October 3~16 (Mon), 2017
Target period: Winter Semester including Autumn and Winter Quarter classes, Full Winter Semester courses

Course registration data verification period

  • Autumn and Winter Quarters: October 25th (Wed) ~ October 21st (Tue), 2017
  • Winter quarter only: December 6th (Wed) ~ December 8th (Fri), 2017


Doctoral students are required to undergo mid-term evaluations towards the end of first and second year of their program. Now is a period for evaluation for the D1 and D2 students enrolled in Octoberl. Evaluation presentations are public so please join some of the presentations to learn from your seniors. Schedule is updated regularly.

Please check your grades within the following period:

Grades published:
August 17th(Thu)13:00~
Confirmation period(including grade review requests):
August 17th(Thu)13:00 - August 23d(Wed)17:00

※You shall check the grades by yourself through the ELMS

 ※The Grade of Inter-Graduate School Classes will be published on September 19th (Tue).

e3 SO and e3 office present summer field trip! Hurry to book a spot, number of seats is limited!

Dates: August 22~23, 2017
Theme: Environmental and Resources Engineering
Destinations: Asahikawa wastewater treatment plant, Itomuka Mine, Asahiyama Zoo, Biei, Kitaushi Park, Sounkyo, Ginga No Taki

How to apply: e3 SO Find out the details in the announcement from SO task group below.