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Winter/Autumn Semester 2018-19 Grades confirmation period (including grades appeals)

Please confirm the grades for the Specialized Subjects of Graduate School of Engineering through the ELMS system during the follwoing periods:

Master degree program  2nd year, Doctoral degree program 3rd year

February 8th(Fri) 13:00 - February 14th(Thu) 17:00

Bi-lingual announcement
Other graduate students April 1st (Mon) – April 5th(Fri) 17:00

 ※Grades for the Inter-Graduate School Classes will be published on February 19 (Tue). Plese check the announcement below for details.

During the above mentioned period, grades inquiries, review requests, and appeals are accepted. Please keep in mind that no requests can be accepted after that period.

【Grade review request procedure】

1) Appeals regarding the grades in the situations when the class wasn't graded according to the criteria expressed in the syllabus or explained during the class are accepted at the window #2 (Graduate School Section).Please prepare concrete evidence supporting your appeal.
2) Grade appeal will be referred to the relevant course instructor(s) and when deemed necessary, hearing and further investigation will be conducted. It may take time before the results of investigation are announced.

If you have any concerns regarding the evaluation you can also inquiry to the course instructor(s) directly.

 【About Inter-Graduate School Classes】

  • The grade of Inter-Graduate School Classes will be published on February 19 (Tue), 2019*
  • Grade confirmation period (including grade review requests): February 19(Tue) – February 21(Thu)*
  • The grade review request procedure is the same as the one for Specialized Subject of Graduate School of Engineering mentioned above.

*These applies only to Inter-Graduate School courses which are labeled as “Specialized subjects” (「専門科目名としての科目名」in the HU Inter-Graduate School Syllabus for academic year 2018 and the main instructor belongs to the faculty of Engineering.
Inter-Graduate School Syllabus (「大学院共通授業科目平成30年度開講科目一覧」):

 specialise subject sample

When the main instructor doesn’t belong to the Faculty of Engineering, please contact the faculty to which the instructor belongs to inquiry about the grade review procedure.

For the dates of the grade publication and review of other types of Inter-Graduate School courses, including special programs (PARE, RJE3 etc), general subjects and specialized subjects of other than Engineering faculties please check the following webpage.

Inter-Graduate School of Classes webpage:

This website is in Japanese only. If you have any questions about the classes, please do not hesitate to ask at the window #2 (Graduate School).

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