Notice Board

Spring/Summer Semester 2017 Grades confirmation period

Please check your grades within the following period:

Grades published:
August 17th(Thu)13:00~
Confirmation period(including grade review requests):
August 17th(Thu)13:00 - August 23d(Wed)17:00

※You shall check the grades by yourself through the ELMS

 ※The Grade of Inter-Graduate School Classes will be published on September 19th (Tue).

During the above mentioned period grades inquiries, review requests and appeals are accepted. Please note that no requests can be accepted after that period.

【Grade review request procedure】

1) Any inquiries regarding the grades shall be first directed to the course instructor.

2) In case you cannot agree with the response from the course instructor, you can appeal for a review of course grade through the Academic Affairs Division of Faculty of Engineering, Window #2(Graduate School Section)

3) Grade appeal will be referred to the relevant course instructor. Hearing will be conducted and further investigation made as necessary and it may take time before the results of investigation are announced.


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