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Timetable updates Winter 2015

Some professors may cancel the first 1-2 class, please check this thread for updates or contact course supervisor in advance.

Last Updated on Monday, 19 October 2015 14:55


 Course Name Supervisor Room Period Details Upd log
Life Cycle of Structures  Ueda T I204 Fri 2 Classes on 2nd, 9th and 16th Oct will be canceled. The class will start on 23rd Oct 15/09/28
Optimization and Design I  Narita Y  C209 Fri 1 The first lecture will be on 9th October. 15/09/04
Streight and Fracture of Materials  Nakamura T  C206  Mon 1 The first lecture will be held on 15th of October (Thu, Substitute day for Monday lectures) 15/09/28
Geotechnical Measurnment Engineering Kawasaki S C206 Wed 3 The lecture will start from October 21 15/09/04
Architectural and Urban Space Studies Mori S A206 Wed 1 The lecture will start from October 14th. 15/09/29

Space Utilization

Fujita O
C307 Mon 4 The class starts on Oct.19. Class on Oct.5 is cancelled. 15/09/30

Wastewater Reclamation and Reuse: first half

Kimura K   Thu3 Classroom was changed: C209→C208 15/10/01

Biomechanical Resources

Fukushima MC215 Fri2 Class on October 2 is cancelled (next class is October 8)
Rock Engineering Kodama C307 Fri4 Class on October 2 is cancelled (next class is October 8) 15/10/01
Materials Processing and Thermodynamics Suzuki R MC215 Thu2 This class is marked as "Summer" semester course, but this year it will be provided in the winter semester too, so you can register it in this or in next semester. You can find it in the timetable. 15/10/01
Space propulsion Engineering Nagata H C209 Tue1 Lecture will start on October 13. 15/10/02
Solid Waste Management and Disposal Matsuto T    Thu2
October 8, Thursday,  10-30-  CANCEL
October 16, Thursday   16:30-18:00  C309
October 19, Monday   10:30-12:00   C214
October 22, Thursday,  10-30-   CANCEL
Environmental Energy Engineering Nagano K C208 Tue4
Class on October 6 and 13 is cancelled.  The lecture starts from October 20 (Tue). 
Wastewater Reclamation and Reuse Kimura K C208 Thu3
Class on October 22 is cancelled.

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