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e3Welcome Trip 2018 Fall

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Only with e3 crew can we finish visiting these three wonderful spots within only one day, though we rushed to the ship for the Nakajima.

It is my second year in Hokkaido University, while it is my first time to join the e3 welcome trip. Now, I feel regretful missing the past ones.

Aiming at the foot hot spring, our first stop was Noboribetsu where the hot springs (Onsen) and smelly sulfur are famous. It took us a while to arrive at the spring, on the way to which we took plenty of pictures as the memory of Autumn. Some students had a little bit of beers while enjoying the foot hot springs. Guess how Autumn it was.

The foot hot springs were enjoyable, but we couldn’t wait to head to our next destination, the Hamada Fruit Farm because we were hungry! I liked apples and pears, but the grapes were the best. The best thing was that you could eat as much as you want! We also sat and had a picnic together, which reminds me of the Hanami in May.

Although we rushed to get there, we finally made it to the Nakajima! We only had a 30-minute stay there, but it was the first time that we successfully made it. There were three small shrines on Nakajima, which one of the three was for God of knowledge to whom I threw 100 Yen into for an offering box for my graduation.

Lastly, we enjoyed an awesome traffic jam on our way back to Sapporo, and many of us revealed our secrets playing truth or dare games.

It was such a memorable day and got to know more about e3 members.

TANG Yixiang

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