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Stockholm International Youth Science Seminar (SIYSS)

Ms. Kanako TODA
M2 Division of Sustainble Resourses Engineering
Laboratory of Environmental Geology

During the week leading to the Nobel Prize award ceremony on December 10th Swedish Federation of Young Scientists invites young scientists chosen by their countries to the Stockholm International Youth Science Seminar (SIYSS). The seminar keeps running for more than 40 years.

This year, I joined the SIYSS2017 as one of two young scientist representing Japan, so I’d like share about it a little here! Tons of inspirations!

We were 25 of presenters, from 20 countries, age from 18 to 24. Most of attendees were the winners of some contest such as Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF ).

This one week in Sweden was of full of events. It kicked off by the seminar where we presented our research to over 1500 Swedish high school students. Our presentations were broadcasted live on Facebook and on Swedish educational TV channel! (動画) I got an opportunity to talk to high school students and tell about my research both, face to face, and on the stage.Students were curious about my work, since nobody was familiar with geochemistry, which is my main field of study. I work on establishing new eco-construction materials, so I've got questions about the environmental impact of implementing new construction materials, and its applicability for Sweden. 

We also had a chance to experience traditional Swedish culture, Christmas dinner, Christmas market, and some icy sports like curling and ice skating, while enjoying exchange with other participants. Program also included a visit to Karorinska Institute and a private company.

And finally, the week culminated by the Nobel Prize Award related events!

We were privileged to join the Nobel laureate’s lectures, Award Ceremony, Banquet and Night Cap!

I will never forget how the laureates spoke with passion about the pass which led them to their discoveries. It was a magnificent experience to be a part of all these events. It was a great support for my motivation to continue my research to PhD.

Many experiences, feelings, learnings beyond words and above any expectations!

I would encourage my Japanese colleagues to try to apply next year! It will definitely give you an unforgettable and irreplaceable experiences! The system to select nominees in Japan is by open calls made by the Japan Prize Foundation. The participants are are fully funded and supported by the foundation.

Thanks for reading through my message!

Let’s spread our researches running in Hokudai to the world :) !

❣️ @ Stockholm, Sweden

Ms. Toda's self-intro video:

Photo Credits: Japan prize, Swedish Federation of Young Scientists, Daniel Gharanfoli, Aron Molnar


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