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Report for the KMMF Philosophy Seminar in Kanazawa

November 18 -19, 2017

In this event, there were 43 international students gathered at Kanazawa from 11 top universities in Japan. From north to south, they are Hokkaido, Tohoku, Tsukuba, Tokyo, IUJ, Kyoto, Doshisha, Ritsumeikan, Osaka, NAIST, and Kyushu respectively. There are normally 4 scholars for each university; 2 senior students (M2) are from last year and 2 junior students (M1) have been selected 1 month before; Since now, it is the 2nd year for the KMMF scholarship program taking place at Hokkaido University, we already have Meegoda (M2), Lai (M2), Zhou (M1) and Wahyuni (M1). Our Hokkaido team have the special culture that we usually bring the local omiyage to the meeting place and share it with everybody who comes from other universities. We brought Shiroi Koibito for this year and Hokudai buns for the last year.

Through the 2-day trip, KMMF expects that we will not only deepen understanding of the philosophy of Konosuke Matsushita, but also build human relationships with other KMMF scholars who have different cultural or academic backgrounds. Furthermore, through sightseeing in Kanazawa, they hope we will learn and experience the traditional Japanese culture, since KMMF hopes to offer something more than financial support.

The main program

Nov. 18 (Sat)

1) Certificate Ceremony for New Scholars

 In this ceremony, the certificate of scholarship has been issued by Daimon-san to every new scholar. And then individual photos holding certificate and group photos have been taken.

2) Group Workshop

In the Group Workshop, we had been separated into A, B, C, and D groups. And then there were 5 quizzes given to us. It required us to select the best answer by group discussion. The quizzes were about what actions would Konosuke Matsushita take when he meets certain circumstances. In the end, one presenter had been chosen by us for presenting the group’s view. For example, why he dared to share the top secrets to all of the employees, even to the new employees; what kind of reply will he produce when his friend asked him if it is possible to let the son of his friend take a big role in the accounting department of the company.

3) Dinner

In the dinner, we just talked and made acquaintances with each person.

Nov. 19 (Sun)

Sightseeing in Kanazawa

1) Higashi Chaya District (東茶屋町)

2) Experience painting on Kaga Hachiman Okiagari doll

3) Kenroku-en Garden (兼六園)

4) 21st Century Museum

The sightseeing is mainly concentrating on cultural understanding.

The thing impressed you the most

Day 1 (Certificate Ceremony, presentation/video, quiz&groupwork)

In the video about the Panasonic group, I perceived that the management philosophy now is not only serving the needs of the customer but also more emphasized on the technological innovation which is shaping the future and changing the world. That is coincident with my career plan. In the future, I want to work in innovation coming up with new products and processes for societies. Besides, in the group work, I noticed that all of the groups finally generated the same answer to the quizzes. That reflected that the Matsushita philosophy won everybody’s heart and get people’s approval. This is the reason why we had selected an answer that is easily recognized by the society after a short discussion among group members and why Panasonic group and other Japanese corporate can exist for hundred years. Therefore, I firmly believe that Matsushita philosophy will never be obsolete since it will change along with ages and reflect the social development.

Day 2 (sightseeing in Kanazawa)

The thing most impressed me is that the fountain water comes from Kasumiga-ike pond in Kenrokuen, which is spurted by the natural pressure caused by the difference in the surface levels of the two warters. This surprised me a lot since I was thinking the fountain was driven by electricity. I think that Japanese ancestors were creative, intelligent in the use of nature and they pursuit the harmonious coexistence between nature and mankind, which is also a key concept to creating a sustainable society in the future. In the afternoon, we visited the collection of undying life in the 21st-century museum of contemporary art. The first show, I'm Humanity, is based on the concept of ‘post-humanity music’, which made a very forceful impression on me. Even though all of the human beings are extinct, there must have another form of living based on DNA reproducing and developing in this world. Humanity is not and never be the master of all other animals and all livings are equal since all of us have the same origin, DNA. In order to avoid the people plunging into an abyss of misery, we should bring forth a sustainable global society founded on respect for nature and universal living’s rights. And we need to join hands and advance together.

The photos

Nov. 18 (Sat)

1) Certificate Ceremony for New Scholars (Photo Credit: Hao LAI)

 KMMF 1   KMMF 2

 3) Dinner (Photo Credit: Hao LAI)


Nov. 19 (Sun)

Sightseeing in Kanazawa

1) Higashi Chaya District (東茶屋町) (Photo credit: Panith Adulsiriswad)



2) Experience painting on Kaga Hachiman Okiagari doll (Photo Credit: Panith Adulsiriswad)



3) Kenroku-en Garden (兼六園) (Photo Credit: Panith Adulsiriswad)



4) 21st Century Museum (Photo Credit Panith Adulsiriswad)

KMMF 10  KMMF 11

 5) Lunch at “Yuki-zuri” (食彩雪づり) (Photo Credit: Panith Adulsiriswad)

KMMF 12  KMMF 13


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