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e3 Trip August 22 to August 23, 2017

Our traditional e3 field trip was held from August 22nd to 23rd in 2017. We went to Asahikawa Wastewater Treatment Plant, Itomuka mine, Asahiyama Zoo, and Sounkyo At Asahikawa Wastewater Treatment Plant, we learned how wasted water was treated, and looked around the plant. We also visited the Banana Museum at the plant. Unfortunately, bananas were not big enough to eat…After that, we went to Asahiyama zoo to see various animals. There were wolves, rare monkeys, owls, polar bears, giraffes, tigers, and so forth. It was a rainy day, but we fully enjoyed our time at the zoo. We stayed at Kitaushi Park, and did BBQ at night. We talked, danced, and sang. Some of us went to Onsen as well!

On the second day, we visited Itomuka Mine, where recycles mercury. First, fluorescent, polluted sludge, and contaminated soil was heated in the turbine to turn mercury into gas. Then, vaporized mercury get cool down, and become the liquid form again. After that, it is purified to be used for experiments at universities, laboratories, and so on. Thank you for taking us there, Professor Ito-sensei. As a last pace for this trip, we visited Sounkyo, and hiked the mountain all together. It was such a nice memory taking pictures with all members after hiking.

We had a wonderful trip!! Thank you all of people involved with trip!

We are excited to welcome more e3 family members for the next e3 trip:)


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