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New e3 brochure 2015

I'm proud to present new e3 promotional materials - e3 brochure, English and Japanese poster.

I would like to express my gratitude to all professors, students and staff who has contributed to this brochure.  Thank you volonteering as models, contributing your photos, sharing some ideas and suggestions with me.
I'm also sorry if your photo didn't make it into the final edition, all the photos we will keep using for other promotional materials, home page etc.

You can pick a hard copy of brochure/posters in the International affais office A1-58, or e3 office A4-58.

Please feel free to take it back to your home university or bring along when you attend some international conferences etc.

Download e3 brochure Pdf (9.6 mb)

Download e3 English Poster (1.7 mb)



Front page models: Shuto (Japan, M2), Maria (Guatemala, M1), Margarita (Russia, M2), Landon (USA, to be M1), Rahmat (Pakistan, D1)

Fields models: Architecture: Safiera and lab mates (Indonesia, M2), Space: Landon and Tor (Denmark, D1), Robotics: Ankit (India, D3) and Abhijeet (India, D1), Material's:  David (Chezh, D1)
Applied physics: Margarita (Russia, M2) Environmental Engineering: Reem (Palestine, M2), Benedicte (Burkina Faso, D1) and Sanaz (Indonesia, M2), Civil Engineering: Ma Yan and lab mate (China, M1), Vuthy (Cambodia, M1), Sara (Pakistan, M1) and Rahmat

Campus life models: Wulan, David, Ma Yan, Sajal (Bangladesh, M1), Jaka (Indonesia, D3), Jagriti (India, D1), Melbert (Malaysia, D1), Boirth (Cambodia, alumni) and all participants of the photosession.

Photo contributions: Ankit Ravankar, Lea Chua Tang, Jose Miso Anton

Students' wright ups: David, Margarita, Safiera, Ma Yan

Text revisions: Dr. Michael Henry, Mami Kaneta and Ineternational Affairs Office of Engineeing

Idea, text, compilation, design: Natalya Shmakova

Design, layout: Shino Hisano

"Camera man": Komaki


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