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Master's defences schedule Winter 2015

This semester 15 Master's students have approached the graduation. Below are the public defense schedules. Most of the defenses are conducted by divisions of 12th and 13th of February. Good luck to the graduating students!

Sustainable Resources Engineering
February 12th
WangWang Binhui (Prof. Fukushima)
C403, 17:03~
Isolation of auxin from humic substances and its effect on antioxidation for barley


Human Environmental Systems
February 12th
1: 00 pm~ , Academic Lounge 1
JianZhai Jian (Prof. Nagano)
Analysis of heat transfer from the ground heat exchanger buried in the multi-layer geological condition with groundwater flow.



JinShengzhe Jin (Prof. Nagano)
Study on the thermal performance of perforated poly duct applied in greenhouse




Human Mechanical Systems and Design
February 13th
liuLiu Pu (Prof. Narita)
C214, 17:00~
Kansei Evaluation of Grip Feeling for Different Handle Diameters and Shapes


Environmental Engineering
February 13th
Open Hall
MizutoKeiuske Mizuto (Prof. Okabe)
Ecophysiology of anammox bacterium 'Candidatus Scalindua japonica'


teradaKotaro Terada (Prof. Okabe)
9:40 ~
Title: Effect of microbial electrode respiration on the membrane permeability


SarasaSarasa Ishiduka (Prof. Funamizu)
Degradation of typical veterinary medicines in composting process

Keisuke    MIZUTO (Prof. Okabe)


February 13
Field Engineering for Environment
Eriko KAKEGAWA (Prof. Kimura)
Haruka KUSE (Prof. Izumi)

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