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Visit from Hokusei Gakuen July 4th

Last Friday, July 4th, a group of students from Hokusei Gakuen Junior High School has visited our school. Students spent a morning exploring the campus and during the lunch time they conducted interviews with the 20 foreign students from e3 and other programs at the graduate school of engineering.

Hokusei Gakuen is a girls only school established in 1887 by the christian missioner from America, Sara C. Smith. School puts a strong emphasis on English teaching and international education. Hokusei Gakuen is comprised of Junior High, High school and Hokusei College.

International students and girls from Hokusei have enjoyed very lively conversation. Students were asked various questions about their country, their experience in Japan and study at Hokkaido university. Each international student received a greeting card with the worlds of gratitude and pictures girls prepared by themselves. I also got a couple of cute cards. I felt that this is the place I should look for a designer for our site;)
Girls expressed a strong desire to come to meet international students again.

Thanks for all the students who has joined this event and special thanks for Ankit and e3 SO for cooperation in organizing the event. I hope in future we can organize some other activities with Hokusei gakuen!

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