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Summer field trip August 25~26, 2016 Announcement

e3 SO and e3 office present summer field trip! Hurry to book a spot, number of seats is limited!
Dates: August 25~26
Theme: Aerospace Engineering
Desitinations: Uematsu Denki, Takikawa Skypark, Furano, Biei
How to apply: e3 SO

Find out the details in the announcement from SO task group below.

Hello e3 family members!

I hope you have all made it to the end of the semester in one piece. It's almost summer break so hang in there! I am excited to announce this year's e3 Summer Field Trip!

The theme of this field trip is Aerospace Engineering, and as such we will be touring two prominent aerospace facilities currently under operation in Hokkaido: Uematsu Denki, and Takikawa Skypark!
Along with these engineering excursions, we will also be visiting several famous sights such as Furano's beautiful Farm Tomita, Bie's Blue Pond, and Shirahige Waterfall!
This is a great opportunity to learn about Hokkaido's rapidly growing aerospace industry as well as visit some of Hokkaido's famous sightseeing spots with friends.

For more details of each of the the engineering tours, please scroll to the end of the email.

Field Trip Details

Dates: August 25th-26th

Departure: 9:00 August 25th from Hokkaido University
Return: August 26th at approximately 17:45

Accommodation: P-Dash Garden Guesthouse - Asahikawa

Cost: 6000 JPY
(500 JPY discount for members who have paid their dues)
***cost includes transportation, meals, tour fees, and accommodation***

Activities: building a model rocket, learning about the principles of flight, sightseeing, socializing

Locations: Takikawa, Furano, Biei, Asahikawa, Akabira

If you are interested in joining, please click on the following link:

Application Form

and enter the necessary information
Space is limited, so it will be a first come first serve basis.
(If you have already submitted an application through the link on Facebook, you do not need to submit another now)

If you have any questions about the field trip, please feel free to contact me at anytime.


Uematsu Denki: This is a company founded by hybrid rocket pioneer Tsutomu Uematsu.
The company is currently developing a unique rocket, titled CAMUI,which could revolutionize the industry and provide a cheaper and more efficient method of reaching space.
For more details, please visit the Uematsu Denki website: Uematsu Denki - CAMUI

Takikawa Skypark: Located in the town of Takikawa, this airfield has a long history of aviation with a focus on glider aircraft.
In recent years there has also been research into a concept aircraft based on the Ghibli's anime titled "Nausicaa os the Valley of the Wind" or in Japanese, "風の谷のナウシカ."
For more details, please follow this link: Takikawa Skypark

Best regards,
Master's Degree First Year Student
Computational Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
Division of Mechanical and Space Engineering
Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University

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