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Industrial forum

*Upd Feb 29: List of participating companies was updated.

I would also like to tell you about the next career event for international students upcoming,  Industrial Forum.

Since last year section for international students was introduced and this year more companies join to meet international students directly.

Dates: March 1st~3d, 13:30~ (file with the detailed schedule attached)

Venue: A1-51

No registration required

For whom is this event? Is it only for those who already doing job hunting?

    - No, it is not limited to people who are graduating in October 2016/April 2017 and already searching for a job right now (according the traditional schedule).

Of course for them this is one of the must join events (either session for international students or general session, or both)

For those who is still far from graduation, but who would like to know more about particular company, get an idea how things work - this is also a very good opportunity.

Will it be fully in English?

    - I wish I could say "yes" without any hesitation. The problem is that HR staff of many companies don't speak English well, so it's going to be rather a mixture. Me or Kaneta-san will join the event and provide translation and comments when possible.

What is the format of the session?

    - Companies will provide short overview of their company and recruitment process. Than you will sit down in a small groups and talk, ask your questions.

Advantage of joining international students session rather than general session?
    -  Less formal, frank small group discussions with the companies. Opportunity to ask questions in English/any level of Japanese you have. And translation support provided.

Is it easy to meet company representatives? Can I join it another time…?

    - There are very few chances to join company sessions without going to Tokyo. Main events - Industrial forum for engineering students, and career fair by career center (in Clark Kaikan) - all organized only once a year.

Do I have to join all days, or all companies intro on that day?
    - You can select any of short sessions in which companies you are concerned present and join freely.

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