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e3 Field Trip - May 15-17, 2015

We just came back from e3 Field Trip, which this year lasted 3 full of events days, from May 15 to 17.

Traditionally field trip is Organized in August, but this year it was experimentally moved to May, and in my opinion experiment was successful. Despite the Friday being a working day, 31 participants (including professors and e3 staff) joined the trip.
Trip covered two different topics - sustainable energy and architecture and 3 professors have prepared the educational content for the trip.

1st Day, May 15
Tour Adviser: Dr. Katsura, associate prof., Environmental System Research laboratory
Dr. Katsura provided translation and comments during the 2 tours, connected by renewable energy topic. After each tour students received a little quizzes to revise the contents.

Visit to Chitose Snow Cooling facility
The biggest facility using snow energy among 60 facilities in Japan. Snow cleaned from the runaways and parking is accumulated and used for the air conditioning in the terminals during 5 summer months.

Visit to Mori Geo-Termal Plant
The only one in Hokkaido, and the northernmost in Japan Geo-thermal plant. Unfortunately this renewable energy plant can make only little contribution to the total energy supply. While nuclear power plants operation is suspended in Japan, in Hokkaido biggest share of energy supply nowadays comes from the coal and oil thermal plants.

Due to the rain BBQ party had to be cancelled, but Fururu staff prepared a dinner for us. After the welcome-dinner, participants had a chance to show off their tech savvy in the Engineering games.

Lucky for us, two next days of the trip where we had to spend a lot of time outdoors were sunny! 

2nd Day, May 16
Tour Adviser: Dr. Nomura, assistant prof., laboratory of Architectural Planning
Dr. Nomura, Esashi town architect and volunteer  staff explained us about the history of the town, and architectural projects leaded by the laboratory of Architectural Planning.
Little town with a population of less than 8500 thousands, located west from Hakodate city is one of the oldest towns on Hokkaido, and once very prosperous fishing and trade area.
With a beautiful nature, carefully preserved and restored historical heritage, Esashi is a good destination to spend a vacation, although not so many people know about it.
We have visited new Esashi Junior high school, Esashi historical street, renewed community center and museum organized in the replica of Last Battle Ship of Tokugawa Shogunate Kayomaru, which sank in the waters near Esashi.
Prof. Mori and laboratory of Architectural Planning has developed the conception for new Esashi school and renovation community center.
Mayor of the town, Mr. Terui has kindly greeted us during the tour and joined the lunch with the participants. Mr. Terui 30 years old graduate from Waseda University, elected last year, was the youngest elected mayor in Japan.

After return from Esashi town, we enjoyed free time in Goryokaku park and Kanamori souko. Goryokaku park is one of the most famous hanami spots in Hokkaido, but as spring came earlier this year, very little sakura left by the middle of May. Majority of the students later joined the optional tour to the Hakodate mountain, from where one of the most beautiful in Japan night views can be enjoyed.

3d day, May 17
Tour Advisers: Prof. Mori, Dr. Nomura, laboratory of Architectural Planning
On the third day Prof. Mori, Hakodate city architect, Dr. Nomura and few volunteer staff prepared the tour to the famous historical area of Hakodate city - seibu area.
Prof. Mori flew directly from the important meeting in Tokyo to join e3 field trip.
After the tour everybody enjoyed a lunch and last Hakodate souvenir shopping chance at kanamori souko.
On the way back we had almost an hour to stroll around the beautiful Ohnuma lake.

Last stop of trip was an observation spot for the Muroran Hakucho bridge.

During the trip, task group members didn't give the participant much time to sleep, keeping them occupied with the funny games and brain teasers.

Big thanks to SO members (Safiera and Shuto in charge of planning and finance, Ali and Jagritti – activities and entertainment, Sara – applications, poster and announcements) and all the task group members (Chan, Steve, Wakana, Rahmat, Matteo, Wang, Yu Hao), who helped with food, gamesand many other important details, all the participants and every body who helped during or before the trip.

Otsukare everyone and looking forward to more e3 SO activities!

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