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Master's thesis defences calendar Sep 2016 graduates

15 Master's students are expected to graduate this March and here is the schedule of their public defenses. Please feel free to come to support your collegues and friends! Attending your collegues presentations (also outside of your division) is a good way to improve your presentational skills. When you join the presentation, please make sure to enter the room before the presentation begins.

All defenses are scheduled betweenJuly 25 and August 10, 2016.

*Presentation time may be shifted dependng on the proceeding, please come ahead of the stated time.

August 3 (Wednesday), 2016

Keiji Nakatsugawa, M.Eng. (AP, TANDA Satoshi)
Date&Time: 3 Aug 2016, 16:30-17:00
Room: A1-70
Title: Quantum Time Crystal With Dissipation on Incommensurate Charge Density Wave Ring

August 4 (Thursday), 2016

Zhao WANG, M.Eng. (EPSE, UEDA Tamon)
Date&Time: 4 Aug 2016, 8:30-9:00
Room: A101
Title: Mesoscale Simulation and Experimental Verification of Concrete Properties under Non-uniform Frost Damage
Muhammad Aboubakar FAROOQ, M.Eng. (EPSE, SATO Yasuhiko)
Date&Time: 4 Aug 2016, 9:00-9:30
Room: A101
Title: Static and Fatigue Behavior of Mortar with Blast Furnace Slag as Fine Aggregates in Air and Water
Sara FAROOQ, M.Eng. (EPSE, YOKOTA Hiroshi)
Date&Time: 4 Aug 2016, 9:30-10:00
Room: A101
Title: Combined Effect of Alkali Silica Reaction and Chloride Ingress on Mechanical Properties of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete with Respect to Temperature
Muhammad SAFDAR, M.Eng. (EPSE, MATSUMOTO Takashi)
Date&Time: 4 Aug 2016, 10:00-10:30
Room: A101
Title: Finite element analysis of RC beams and slab repaired with ultra-high performance fiber reinforced concrete (UHPFRC)
Malik Ahmad ALI, M.Eng. (FEE, SHIMIZU Yasuyuki)
Date&Time: 4 Aug 2016, 11:00-11:30
Room: A101
Title: Large Scale Flood Modelling For Risk Map Prediction Using Hyper Grid Approach
Mengze LI, M.Eng. (HMSD, KOBAYASHI Yukinori)
Date&Time: 4 Aug 2016, 16:30-17:00
Room: A5-66(Tentative)
Title: Estimation of Position and Trajectory of a Flying Ball in 3-D Space
Nicong JIANG, M.Eng. (HMSD, KOBAYASHI Yukinori)
Date&Time: 4 Aug 2016, 17:00-17:30
Room: A5-66(Tentative)
Title: Study On the Visual Servoing of Nonholonomic Mobile Robot with On-board Camera

August 5 (Friday), 2016

Xinlong LI, M.Eng. (SRE, HIROYOSHI Naoki)
Date&Time: 5 Aug 2016, 10:30-11:00
Room: A101
Title: Development of Carrier Microencapsualtion using Ferric-catechol complexes

August 10 (Wednesday), 2016

Sajal CHOWDHURY, M.Eng. (HES, HAMADA Yasuhiro)
Date&Time: 10 Aug 2016, 16:00-16:30
Room: A101
Title: Indoor Heat Stress Evaluation for Factories in the Tropics
Tazia RAHMAN, M.Eng. (HES, NAGANO Katsunori)
Date&Time: 10 Aug 2016, 16:30-17:00
Room: A101
Title: Study on Building Surface and Indoor Temperature Reducing Effect of the Natural Mesoporous Material to Moderate the Urban Heat Island

To be announced

Longze HE, M.Eng. (MSE, MATSUURA Kiyotaka)
Room: MC526
Title: Synthesis and performance investigation of carbide reinforced TiAl matrix composites

To be announced

Yueguang WANG, M.Eng. (SRE, FUJII Yoshiaki)
Room: A101
Title: Failure Timing of Rocks under Alternately Applied Constant Strain Rate and Cyclic Loading

To be announced

Yan MA, M.Eng. (FEE, IZUMI Norihiro)
Room: A101
Title: Solitary step in bedrock rivers
Maria Fernanda RIVAS, M.Eng. (FEE, NISHIMURA Satoshi)
Room: A101
Title: Analysis of the Hydraulic Behavior of River Dikes considering Infiltration and Evapotranspiration