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Doctoral course Mid Term evaluations schedule Winter 2015-16

Doctoral students are required to undergo mid-term evaluations towards the end of first and second year of their program. Now is a period for evaluation for the D1 and D2 students enrolled in April (with few exceptions). Evaluation presentations are public so please join some of the presentations to learn from your seniors.

January 26 (Tuesday)

Abhijeet RAVANKAR (D2 / HMSD, KOBAYASHI Yukinori)
Date&Time: 26 Jan 2016, 0:00-0:00
Room: A6-63 (9:55-10:20)
Title: SHP: Smooth Hypocycloidal Paths for Collision-free and Decoupled Multi-robot Path Planning
Date&Time: 26 Jan 2016, 10:15-10:45
Room: A6-63
Title: PSO-based Leg-loss Identification Method for Legged Robots

February 22 (Monday)

Jinyuan WANG (D2 / FEE, NISHIMURA Satoshi)
Date&Time: 22 Feb 2016, 10:30-12:00
Room: A404
Title: Interpretation of Mechanical Behavior of Frozen and Unfrozen soils within Unified Framework

February 26 (Friday)

Hao YU (D2 / MSE, UKAI Shigeharu)
Date&Time: 26 Feb 2016, 13:00-14:00
Room: MC813 (Materials Chemistry Building 8F)
Title: Development of novel Co-based ODS superalloys----Oxidation and mechanical properties(subtitle)

March 3 (Thursday)

Khy Eam EANG (D1 / SRE, IGARASHI Toshifumi)
Date&Time: 3 Mar 2016, 10:30-11:15
Room: A404
Title: Characterization and Evaluation of Groundwater from an Open-Pit Limestone Quarry in Japan

March 10 (Thursday)

Ryan Dula CORPUZ (D1 / MSE, YONEZAWA Tetsu)
Date&Time: 10 Mar 2016, 10:00-11:00
Room: MC526
Title: Synthesis of Fluorescent Noble Metal Nanoclusters
Date&Time: 10 Mar 2016, 11:15-12:00
Room: MC526
Title: Use of coated electrode in preparation of Au and Au bimetallic nanoparticles during plasma-in-liquid process.

March 14 (Monday)

Date&Time: 14 Mar 2016, 13:00-13:45
Room: R208
Title: tbd

March 22 (Tuesday)

Sytharith PEN (D1 / FEE, IZUMI Norihiro)
Date&Time: 22 Mar 2016, 10:30-12:00
Room: A456
Title: The distribution of velocity and suspended sediment concentration of turbidity currents

March 25 (Friday)

Long PAN (D2 / EE, MATSUI Yoshihiko)
Date&Time: 25 Mar 2016, 16:00-17:00
Room: A404
Title: Superfine activated carbon adsorption for water treatment

March 30 (Wednesday)

Tor VISCOR (D1 / MSPE, NAGATA Harunori)
Date&Time: 30 Mar 2016, 13:00-0:00
Room: JAXA office (Chofu, Tokyo)
Title: Applicability of Scaled Testing for Regression Development of CAMUI Type Hybrid Rocket engine for Orbital Launcher

March 31 (Thursday)

Banthasith VONGPHUTHONE (D1 / SRE, IGARASHI Toshifumi)
Date&Time: 31 Mar 2016, 0:00-0:00
Room: A404 (Date to be rescheduled)
Title: Geochemical controls of elevated arsenic concentrations in soil sediment in North of Japan and Vietnam