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eVision January 2016 edition is up!

Fresh and full of exciting materials about everyday life, research and cultural experiences of e3 members issue of E-vision (Winter 2016) is out now! It is the second issue of renewed e-vision and I'm happy to see much more students contributing to it! Otsukare, Sajal Chowdhury, María Fernanda Rivas, Sri Krishnan and all e-vision team!
Next issue is planned in June 2016, don't miss your chance to contribute!

On-line copy is available at:

Few physical copies will be availbale at the counter of International Affairs Office of Engineering


Announcement from Editor
We want our magazine to be a fun and interesting mean of communication between students, staff and alumni, and hope that we can exchange different experiences as part of the e3 community. For this, we would like to invite you to participate in our next issue by submitting a short article about the topic of your choice.
Following are some suggestions, but any new idea is welcome:
(share your experience in Japan, in Hokkaido University, tell us about your research, work experience, seminars, etc.)
(tell us about your favorite Japanese food, share recipes from your country, tell us about special food only found during festivals, etc.)
Social activities:
(what are your hobbies? Tell us what kind of activities you like to engage in, give us an insight in your favorite activities in Japan, etc.)
(share pictures and experiences you’ve had while visiting Hokkaido or Japan, recommend places from your country, etc.)
(share jokes, fun facts, crosswords, etc.)
Finally, show your talent with the camera by submitting your favorite picture to be published in our magazine. No writing is required, just a title and the date and place of shooting.
Note: (Please try to keep your article about one A4 page long, and include pictures where possible (if they are not your own, please provide the source).
The deadline to include your article in the June eVISION edition is May 30, but those sent afterwards will be saved for our next issue.
Please submit by e-mail to .