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Master's thesis defences calendar March. 2016 graduates

12 Master's students are expected to graduate this March and here is the schedule of their public defenses. Please feel free to come to support your collegues and friends! Attending your collegues presentations (also outside of your division) is a good way to improve your presentational skills. When you join the presentation, please make sure to enter the room before the presentation begins.

All defenses are scheduled between February 9 and February 12, 2016.

*Presentation time may be shifted dependng on the proceeding, please come ahead of the stated time.

Division of Mechanical and Space Engineering

February 10 (Wednesday), 2016

Tae Joon NOH, M.Eng. (MSPE, FUJITA Osamu)
Date&Time: 10 Feb 2016, 10:45-11:00
Room: C212
Title: Comparative study of primary acoustic instability of downward and upward propagating flames in a tube
Division of Human Mechanical Systems and Design

February 12 (Friday), 2016

Lu YU, M.Eng. (HMSD, SASAKI Katsuhiko)
Date&Time: 12 Feb 2016, 9:00-9:30
Room: C212
Title: Investigation into the Load Contributions of Individual Knee Joint Ligaments through Computational Modelling and Cutting Study
Yukiko TOMOOKA, M.Eng. (HMSD, SASAKI Katsuhiko)
Date&Time: 12 Feb 2016, 9:45-10:15
Room: C212
Title: Deformation analysis of self-expanding stent considering plaque and a new expanding mechanism
Haicheng PIAN, M.Eng. (HMSD, OHASHI Toshiro)
Date&Time: 12 Feb 2016, 11:05-11:35
Room: C212
Title: Temporal characterization of gap junction communication betwen tenocytes under tensile strain in vitro
Shunya YONOMOTO, M.Eng. (HMSD, KOBAYASHI Yukinori)
Date&Time: 12 Feb 2016, 15:45-16:15
Room: C212
Title: Potential Based Navigation Method Considering Global Path Planning and Local Reactive Motion
Chenyu WANG, M.Eng. (HMSD, KOBAYASHI Yukinori)
Room: C212
Title: Recognition of 3-D Grid Structure with Bird-view Camera and RGB-D Camera
Division of Energy and Environmental Systems

February 10 (Wednesday), 2016

Date&Time: 10 Feb 2016, 17:00-17:30
Room: A3-71
Title: Precipitation behavior of calcium carbonate in compacted bentonite using an electrokinetic method
Division of Field Engineering for the Environment

February 10 (Wednesday), 2016

Hayato TAKAHASHI, M.Eng. (FEE, SUGIYAMA Takafumi)
Date&Time: 10 Feb 2016, 9:30-10:00
Room: C213 (9:25~9:55)
Title: Investigation of Alteration of Cementitious Materials Using Non-Destructive Integrated CT-XRD Method
Division of Architectural and Structural Design

To be announced

Septirina Nur SAFIERA, M.Eng. (ASD, OZAWA Takeo)
Room: A101
Title: A Study on Building Classification and Conservation for Heritage Buildings in Malioboro Street, Yogyakarta City, Indonesia
Division of Environmental Engineering

February 12 (Friday), 2016

Shoichi HAYASHI, M.Eng. (EE, SANO Daisuke)
Date&Time: 12 Feb 2016, 14:30-14:50
Room: C213 (14:10-15:10/2nd presenter)
Title: The effect of binding between virus and bacteria on UV disinfection
Wakana OISHI, M.Eng. (EE, FUNAMIZU Naoyuki)
Date&Time: 12 Feb 2016, 15:40-16:00
Room: C213 (15:20-17:20/2nd presenter)
Title: Inactivation of enteric virus in concentrated urine
Shuto KANEKO, M.Eng. (EE, FUNAMIZU Naoyuki)
Date&Time: 12 Feb 2016, 16:20-16:40
Room: C213 (15:20~17:20/4th presenter)
Title: Modelling fixed bed reactor with scallop shell particles for phosphorus recovery from human urine