Alumni Information

NameMd Ataur Rahman
Country of originBangladesh
M.Eng. Division
GraduationM.Eng., Sep 2002
Thesis titleNumerical Simulation of Shear Resisting Mechanism and Shear Strength Equation for Box and Open Sandwich Beams
Country of residenceBangladesh
Address E-mail
Career Current position
  • Md Ataur Rahman, Experimental investigation and numerical modeling of peak shear stress of brick masonry mortar joint under compression A Rahman, T Ueda Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering 26 (9), 04014061
  • Md Ataur Rahman, In-plane shear performance of masonry walls after strengthening by two different frps A Rahman, T Ueda Journal of composites for construction 20 (5), 04016019
  • Md Ataur Rahman, In-plane shear strength of masonry wall strengthening by two distinct FRPs A Rahman, T Ueda 構造工学論文集 A 62, 915-925
  • Md Ataur Rahman, Experimental Behavior of FRP Confined Concrete Cylinder Wrapped By two Different FRPs SG Madhobi Mallick Journal of Materials Science Research 7 (2), 1-9
  • Md Ataur Rahman, Shear resisting mechanism and shear strength equation for full and open sandwich beams MA Rahman, T Ueda Advances in Structures: Proceedings of the ASSCCA 2003 Conference, Sydney
  • Md Ataur Rahman, Numerical simulation of FRP retrofitted masonry wall by 3D finite element analysis A Rahman, T Ueda IABSE Symposium Report 96 (7), 114-125