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Guidelines for speakers can be downloaded here.

Keynote Lectures
Contact e-mail: acf.sympo.2019@gmail.com

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To find out if a visa is required for your trip, please ask the embassy or consulates of Japan in your country. You can also find information here.

If you need an invitation letter in order to apply for a visa to enter Japan, you should complete your registration with payment. Then, please contact the symposium registration office before July 31 with your registration ID. You will be given an application form for the invitation letter which you should fill in and submit to the registration office. After you submit the form, you will receive the invitation letter by international mail service in 1-2 weeks.

Contact e-mail to symposium registration office: 3rdACFSymposium@ec-pro.co.jp.

 Deadlines :

  March 31, 2019      Abstract submission
  June 15, 2019     Full paper submission
  July 15, 2019       Final paper submission
  July 31, 2019    Early-bird registration