5th International Round Table on Titanium Production in Molten Salts (Ti-RT2016), 10-14 July 2016, Hokkaido, Japan

Scope History
What is
Abstract Payment Program
1 Sept

Time Plan:
Abstract submission started from24 Dec. 2015
Registration started from24 Dec. 2015
Deadline of abstract submission15 March 2016
Abstract acceptance5 March 2016 +
Invoice sending with invitation
letter for visa application
15 March 2016 +
Program open25 April 2016
Program revision21 June 2016
Payment of early bird4 May 2016
31 May 2016

30 June 2016
Start of on-site registration10 July 2016
Payment for poster printing10-11 July 2016
See Conference Plan
Deadline of Paper Submission
instead of Proceedings
1 Sept 2016
Publication in a special
issue of "Materials Transactions"
March 2017

Conference Plan:

Oral presentations include Plenary and keynote lectures, given by Prof. D.J.Frey and Prof.K.Ono, respectively. A poster session is set on Monday afternoon because more oral presentations were submitted than can be accommodated.

For the academic program of presentations, please visit at Programs.
NO PHOTO of Presentations!
The conference staff will take some pictures of presentators, and deliver them after the conference. The scientific contents should not be taken by camera, video and voice recoders. Thank you.

10 July (Sun)13:00-17:00
at Hokkaido Univ
Get together party
Meeting point #1
at Sapporo station
East Gate

"Get Together" at cafe "T38" is held in JR Sapporo tour.
360 degree of sky view of downtown area. The free tickets
(for elevator and one drink) are delivered at the registration desk
and also at the meeting point #2 of JR Sapporo station.
The details of meeting point is here. DOWNLOAD the pdf file.
Sapporo free time
11 July (Mon)9:00-17:00
Registration at Hokkaido Univ
BBQ Sapporo style
Oral session at Seminar room 1, and Poster session at Entrance Hall in front of seminar room.
Optional tours can be registered directly to the Chuo-Kotsu Bus.
Oral and Poster presentations
at Hokkaido Univ.
Furano full-day tour
or Shakotan full-day tour
12 July (Tue)9:00-11:00
at Hokkaido Univ
Group photo and Baggage check

Sea Food Lunch at downtown

Bus transfer to Lake Toya

Buffe dinner,

Baggage pick-up service is available from some hotels near Hokkaido Univ.
(ASPEN and FINO at least). Please pass your baggage card of your hotel
to the registration disk until 10:00. The conference bus will pick up
the baggages from the hotels, and show them after the morning session
for confirmation of your bags.

The baggages of the residents at Sapporo ASPEN hotel and Best western hotel FINO
Sapporo will be picked up by the conference buses. At 8:30-8:45 of the morning, these residents
can pass the baggages to the luggage room of the bus, and can enjoy bus drive to the conference
venue at 8:50. The bus will wait for your deposit and carry you by 9:00. The residents at the
other hotels can deposit the baggages at 8:30-8:45 on the street between these two hotels, and
can enjoy bus transportation service. Off course, the attendents can carry their bags to the
conference room and deposit them to the bus after the morning session.
Oral presentations
at Hokkaido Univ
Sapporo morning tour
13 July (Wed)9:00-11:00
at Toya Bunka Center

Round table discussions,
and luncheon.
scientific excursion to
the volcanic mountains

A party room
in the hotel
Shuttle bus services between the hotel and the conference room are available,
although you can walk only for 6 min.

Soba nuddle making and tasting (2 hour) + Lake cruise (1 hour); the bus will depart
on 9:00 from the hotel, and the tour will come back to the harber at 13:20. The bus
will pick up the accompanied persons at the harbor to invite the excursion directly.
Oral presentations

Round table discussions
at Toya Bunka center
Soba nuddle making
+ Lake cruise
(accompanying persons)
14 July (Thu)Closing remarks,
Bus transfer to Sapporo city
via the new Chitose/Sapporo airport
(about at 11:30)
Because we could get sufficient number of bus passengers, 2 buses are rent.
Bus A departs at 9:30 from the hotel entrance and arrives at the airport
around 11:30. It arrives to the North gate of Sapporo JR station at 13:00.
Bus B departs at 9:20 from the hotel, and it does not
go to the airport. It drops on several view points between Toya and Sapporo
along the Pacific ocean. Date Edo-Jidai-Mura is famous for attraction
by Ninja performance and the histrical moving displays. After taking lunch
there, Noboribetsu hot springs are ciculated. The entrance fees for these
events should be paid by the participants.
The bus B will come back to Sapporo ASPEN hotel via Shikotu-lake at about 18:30.

The selection of bus will be asked at the registration desk
and also during the discussions and the banquet at Toya.
15 July (Fri)Post conference tours; (optional)
Furano full-day tour
or Shakotan full-day tour
Post conference tour can be registered directly to the Chuo-Kotsu Bus.
1 Sept (Thu)Deadline of Paper Submission (optional)
instead of Proceedings
Please check at Proceedings

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