5th International Round Table on Titanium Production in Molten Salts (Ti-RT2016), 10-14 July 2016, Hokkaido, Japan
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Abstract Payment Program
1 Sept

Resistration has started from 1st January 2016, and the early bird disccount is accepted by 4 March 2016:
The early bird disccount has closed at 14 March 2016.
If any attendent did not recieve the acceptance information, please inform the secretariat.

Download the registration sheet of 6th version here! (Microsoft Excel file), available from 1 April 2016.
Please e-mail the file to the secretariat at "TiRT[at]eng.hokudai.ac.jp".
Please fax to +81 11-706-7882 or +81 11-706-6342, or post by air-mail to
  Ti-RT2016 secretariat
  c/o Prof.R.O.Suzuki
  Division of Materials Science and Engineering,
  Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University,
  Kita-13 Nishi-8, Kita-ku, Sapporo 060-8628 Hokkaido Japan.

See also the page of payment. All the payment should be done to Sapporo Urban Tourist. Inc after confirmation of your registaration. The secretariat will issue your invoice based on your registration form.
Because the announcements on accompanying person's tours and post conference tours are delayed, the fee of these tours will be charged separately.

Conference Fee:

Full registration
Registered Participant
(Early bird)
65,000 JPY/person
55,000 JPN/student
Basic charges as participant
plus, food expenses
plus, traveling expenses
Registered Participant
(later than 5 March)
85,000 JPY/person
85,000 JPN/student
Basic charges as participant
plus, food expenses
plus, traveling expenses
on-site /
without registration
100,000 JPY/personBasic charges as participant
plus, food expenses
plus, traveling expenses
accompanying person
(only registered)
40,000 JPY/personBasic charges as accompanying person
plus, food expenses
plus, traveling expenses
Student discount is available when a copy of the student certification is attached.

Contents of the charge: (in JPY)
Basic charge
Registered Participant
(Early bird)
30,000conference room charges, bank charges, excursion, booklet with abstract etc
Registered Participant
(later than 5 March)
50,000conference room charges, bank charges, excursion, booklet with abstract etc
on-site /
without registration
65,000conference room charges, bank charges, excursion, booklet with abstract etc
accompanying person
(only registered)
5,000bank charges, excursion, crusing etc

Food expenses
Get Together (10 July)
Sapporo station, T38
not supplied,
one free drink, and
free elevator tickets
Luncheon (11 July)
Univ. cafeteria
directly to casher
Dinner (11 July)5,000
Sea food lunch (12 July)
at Susukino area
Buffe dinner (12 July)
at hotel
Lunch box (13 July)1,500
Banquet (13 July)
at hotel
Traveling expense
Bus or Taxi (11 July)Free
Bus (Sapporo-Toya)7,000
Bus (Toya-airport-Sapporo)7,000

The price listed above does not include the hotel charges. Dairy breakfast is normally ordered at the hotel reservation or at the check-in. As the tradition in Japan, the fee of breakfast at Toya-lake is also included in the hotel price.
The receipt is issued on the registration desk at the conference.
The on-site registration without advanced registration is limited within the sufficient seats available. However, they may be not allowed to attend some social events at Toya-lake due to lack of hotel researvation. Earlier registration is strongly recommended.
The vegetarian menu is available. The persons who can not eat meat, vegetables or sea-foods can also declare to the secretariat in advance.

Accommodation Fee: estimating (top season price, incl. breakfast) Hotels at Sapporo
Enough amounts of hotel rooms will be served for the tourists at Sapporo. There exists about 40 hotels in Sapporo. Personal hotel researvation through the Web pages is encouraged, although some hotels convinient for this meeting are selected and recommended here. The chairman and secretariat are off course happy if you need any assistance. Mr. Yasushi Ota at Sapporo Urban Tourist. Inc. is very happy to get your reliability on the researvation request under the name of Ti-RT2016, where 10% price reduction is available at Sapporo ASPEN hotel.

The baggages of the residents at these hotels at Sapporo will be picked up by the staffs after your check-out, before the departure of the bus transfer to Toya-lake. These residents should pass your deposit card of your hotel to the conference desk by 10:00, 12 July. The baggages will be checked for yourself on getting in the bus.

The baggages of the residents at Sapporo ASPEN hotel and Best western hotel FINO Sapporo will be picked up by the conference buses. At 8:30-8:45 of the morning of 12 July, these residents can pass your baggages to the luggage room of the bus, and can enjoy bus drive to the conference venue at 8:50. Two buses will wait for your deposit and carry you by 9:00. The residents at the other hotels can deposit the baggages at 8:30-8:45 on the street between these two hotels, and can enjoy bus transportation service. Off course, the attendents can carry their bags to the conference room and deposit them to the bus after the morning session.

Hotels at Lake Toya
A group researvation at "Toyako-Manseikaku Hotel Lakeside Terrace" is selected as a symbol of union, where we will enjoy the dinner and banquet together. The secretariat worries the lack of rooms because Lake Toya is very popular tourist area in summer. Room sharing is proposed due to lack of single rooms (5 20 rooms). The additional fee for single room is therefore requested. A special discount is served to the guests who register by 4th March 2016. The details are shown in the registration form.
Special discount was hold by sold-out. (24 June 2016)
Special price list at Toya-lakefor two nights/person in JPYNo.of available roomsRemaining rooms
Single use of a twin room40,00020Call
2 persons in a twin room20,00030call
3 persons in a Japanese-western type room20,000 15,000Ryokan-typecall
4 persons in a Japanese-western type room20,000 15,000Ryokan-typecall

(From HP of the hotel)

Currency: Japanese Yen (JPY)
100 US dollar = about 10,955 JPY, 100 Euro = about 12,243 JPY, 100 CNY = about 1,671 JPY, 100 GBP = about 15,986 (24 May 2016)
100 US dollar = about 11,381 JPY, 100 Euro = about 12,698 JPY, 100 CNY = about 1,755 JPY, 100 GBP = about 16,365 (13 Mar. 2016)
100 US dollar = about 11,980 JPY, 100 Euro = about 13,440 JPY, 100 CNY = about 1,883 JPY, 100 GBP = about 18,190 (05 Oct. 2015)
100 US dollar = about 12,500 JPY, 100 Euro = about 13,500 JPY, 100 CNY = about 2,000 JPY (23 July 2015)

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