5th International Round Table on Titanium Production in Molten Salts (Ti-RT2016), 10-14 July 2016, Hokkaido, Japan
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1 Sept

(10 July)

Frontier Research in Applied Sciences Building (FRONTIER TOU in Japanese) (Prof. Akira Suzuki's Memorial Hall), 1F Entrance hall + Seminar Room 1
Postal address:
Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido Univ.,
Kita-13, Nishi-8, Kita-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, 060-8628 Japan
(Prof.Akira Suzuki is a Nobel Prize 2010-winning chemist, working at Hokkaido University in the field of catalytic chemistry.)

See the Map of conference hall (1).

Registration desk opens at 1F entrance hall of this building at 13:30-17:00 on 10 July.

Cafe "T38" in JR Sapporo tour
"Get Together" at the evening of 10th July is operated at cafe "T38" in JR Sapporo station building, where you can enjoy the 360 degree of sky view of downtown area. The free tickets for elevator and one drink are delivered at the registration desk and also at the meeting point #2. The details of access and menu are checked here. The registration desk is not opened here, and only name budges will be given at the meeting point #2.

(10-12 July)

Frontier Research in Applied Sciences Building, 1F Entrance hall + Seminar Room 1

Registration desk opens at 1F entrance hall of this building at 9:00-17:00 on 11th July, and 9:00-11:00 on 12th July.
Student cafeteria "Hokubu-Shokudo" locates close to the conference site.

(11 July)

Sapporo Kirin Beer Garden, Nakajima Koen, Dinner

Mongolian Mutton BBQ Sapporo style will be tasted as the original food at Sapporo.
Postal address:
Minami-10, Nishi-1-1-60, Chuo-Ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, 064-0810 Japan
Get off at Nakajima-Koen(Park) station of subway Tozai-Line,
Exit #1 + 2 min east on foot.
Tel: 011-533-3000
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(12 July)

Hokkaido Kani-Shogun Susukino, Lunch

Sea food combination will be tasted as the typical food at Sapporo.
Postal address:
Minami-4, Nishi-2-14-6, Chuo-Ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
Get off at Susukino station of subway Tozai-Line,
Exit #3 + 3 min east on foot.
Tel: 011-222-2588
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(12-14 July)

Lake Toya Cultur Center (TOYAKO BUNKA Center)
Postal address:
142 Toya-ko-Spa, Toya-ko-Cho, Abuta-Gun, Hokkaido 049-5721 Japan
It takes about 2.5 hours by bus to approach lake Toya, which locates at the south west of Sapporo. The lake is an international touring place as the spa. Classic Japanese inns "Ryokan" and modern hotels are located at the spa just on (or in) the active volcano.

See the Map of conference hall (2).

Hotel Manseikaku Lakeside Terrace
Postal address:
21 Toya-ko-Spa, Toya-ko-Cho, Abuta-Gun, Hokkaido 049-5721 Japan
One of the oldest hotels at Lake Toya, about 70 years. Red bricks show quiet atmosphere. The conference buses carry all the attendents from Sapporo. It takes about 2.5 hour. 15 min from JR Toya station by bus. Many types of spa are available. The spa is a little concentrated, and the content of hot spa is mainly NaCl and CaCl2. pH=neutral.

Visa in Japan:
The Japanese immigraton is quite loose for your short stay such as sight-seeing. However, the citizen in some countries are requested to hold the valid Japanese visa.
Please confirm your valid visa for yourself before your registration.
The secretariat is happy to issue the invitation letters.

It should be fine. Forecast at Sapporo. The summer season is the best for holidays and for conferences. Temperatures range from 20 to 25 degree C during the day, and 15-23 degree C at night. The casual clothes are suitable. During the summer season at Hokkaido University we do not wear the necktie for energy saving.
No typhoon will come to Hokkaido, but occasional light showers may happen. Most of Japan is in rainy season, but Hokkaido is normally far from the rainy front.

No direct train from Tokyo to Sapporo is available since 2015. All the passengers from Tokyo by Shinkansen-line should transfer at the terminal "Shin-Hakodate Hokuto", which opened at March 2016.

Airlines at New Chitose/Sapporo airport:
Direct flights from the domestic 28 cities and the international 13 cities are available.

Domestic airlines Japan Airlines/JAL; All Nippon Airways/ANA; Air Do; Skymark Airlines; Fuji Dream Airlines; Peach Aviation; Jetstar Airways; Vanilla Air
International airlines Japan Airlines/JAL; All Nippon Airways/ANA; Korean Airlines; United Airlines; Aurora Airlines; China Eastern Airlines; Cathay Pacific Airways; EVA Airways; China Airlines; Air China; JIN AIR; TransAsia Airways; Hawaiian Airlines; Thai Airways; T'Way Airlines; Spring Airlines; Hongkong Airlines; THAI AIRASIA X; Tianjin Airlines

Railway from the airport:
The railway is recommended. JR Hokkaido Railway Company operates the connections between the airport and JR Sapporo station. See Route map and Timetable of JR in English.
The train starts from the underground level of the airport terminal building. All the trains departing from the airport to JR Sapporo station are rapid trains and all of them stop at Sapporo station, although their terminals are different. Therefore, you may take any train which waits for your boarding. The ticket (1,070 JPY) is sold at the maschines and counters. See How to use Automated Ticket Vending Machine
The car number 4 is for the passengars who make the seat researvation. Before entering through the gate you have to buy the researvation ticket (310 JPY) additional to the normal ticket (1,070 JPY), if you need the seat researvation.
It takes 37-40min. to arrive at the JR Sapporo station from the airport. At the station you can transfer to two subway lines, Tozai-line(green) and Tohou-line(blue). Please find more information at the link. Subway at "GO!SAPPORO"
Hokkaido University locates north-west of the JR Sapporo station. See the Map. The downtown area is close to Susukino station of the subway.

If you will join at Lake Toya, please take any train at the airport to arrive at the next stop, Minami-Chitose, where you will wait for JR express bound for Hakodate. The express train runs evey hour. You may get off at JR Toya station (about 1.5 hours), and take a local bus service to the Toya-lake-Onsen(spa) (abount 20 min). No direct bus connection between Lake Toya and the airport is available.

Without nuclear power, Japanese electricity is well served to the city. AC 100V, 50Hz. Parallel outlet/socket looks like an American, but 2pin plug is more popular. Oral presentation may need your notebook PC, and please watch the plug difference.

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