5th International Round Table on Titanium Production in Molten Salts (Ti-RT2016), 10-14 July 2016, Hokkaido, Japan
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Abstract Payment Program
1 Sept

Payment will be accepted from 15 March 2016, and until 31 May 2016 30 June 2016:

Conference Fee: see "Registration".

1) The invoice is based on your registration form, and issued after 14 March 2016 by e-mail to the participants.
2) The confirmation of your payment will be informed by e-mail, however the formal receipt is issued on the registration desk at the conference.
3) The committee is asking for the finacial supports from a few sources. The student discount is therefore considered.
4) The on-site registration without advanced registration is limited within the sufficient seats available. They may be not allowed to attend some social events at Toya-lake due to lack of hotel researvation. Earlier registration is strongly recommended. Please note that the area of Toya-lake is very polular sight seeing destination and it is tough to find an open room at the best season such as July.

Accomodation Fee: see the page of "Registration".

The methods for payments
Please wait for the arrival of our invoice, which will be issued after 31 March 2016.
The Japanese certification is here why the participants should pay to Sapporo Urban Tourist. Inc.
There are three options for your payments. 1) by bank transfer, 2) by credit card (Master/VISA) in advance, and 3) by cash only at the registration desk for the on-site participant.

The sheet for payment is issued with the invoice.

Payment by credit card was closed once on 31 May and extended by 20 June 2016. It is completely closed due to serious time delay of money flow from the credit company to the secretariat. All the payment to the Sapporo Urban Tourist should be done by bank transfer or in cash at the registration desk. Sorry for your inconvinience.

Bank transfer

Credit card
Choice of Master/VISA, No. of credit card, the expiration data and the name of card holder should be filled in the registration form. The sheet should be send to the following symposium agency by postal letter or FAX. Due to a security reason, please do not use the e-mail when your credit card information is included in the form.

Ti-RT2016, Sapporo Urban Tourist. Inc.
Address: N8-W6, Kita-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, 060-0808 Japan
Fax: +81-11-717-1144
e-mail; y-ota@urban-tourist.co.jp (Mr. Yasushi Ota)

For the Japanese: Bank transfer may be cheeper than the credit card.
For the Chinese: Bank card "Union Pay" is not available probably due to maximum limit of payment outside China. Most of Chinese bank ask you whether the owner allows. It is wrongly displayed as "Already paid". Please show us Master or VISA only.

in Cash
The secretariat will accept your cash payment only on-site. The fee in cash is rated enough expensive due to some risks on the secretary side. If you will pay in cash, please inform us your desire in advance.

The policy of refunding
In all the cases of refunding back by bank transfer or credit card, the fee necessary for this mission will be charged separately.

For basic charge, Food expenses and Traveling expenses

Withdrawing before 24 May; 100% refunding.
Withdrawing before 4 June; 70% refund, 30% will be charged.
Withdrawing before 30 June; 50% refund, 50% will be charged.
Withdrawing after 1 July; No refund; 100% will be charged.

For Hotels

8 days before the check-in date; 95% refund
4-7 days before the check-in date; 80% refund
3-1 days before the check-in date; 50% refund
On the check-in date without notice; NO refund

If one resident in a twin room will cancel it, twin room will be shifted to a single room if available. If the hotel can not find any alternative open room, we are sorry that the room charges of the twin room should be covered by the partner in the twin room.
Quick contact to Mr Y.Ota (see above) or the registration desk is needed. He will wait for your arrival at the registration desk on 10 July, and accompany with our drive to lake Toya.

The receipt of payment
The secretariat will issue the receipt for total payment including the basic fee, traveling fee, food, hotel rooms and Japanese tax. We do not issue the receipts for the individual items. Please separate and classify your expenses from our receipt sheet by yourself.

Ref.: Currency: Japanese Yen (JPY)

100 US dollar = about 10,955 JPY, 100 Euro = about 12,243 JPY, 100 CNY = about 1,671 JPY, 100 GBP = about 15,986 (24 May 2016)
100 US dollar = about 11,381 JPY, 100 Euro = about 12,698 JPY, 100 CNY = about 1,755 JPY, 100 GBP = about 16,365 (13 Mar. 2016)
100 US dollar = about 11,980 JPY, 100 Euro = about 13,440 JPY, 100 CNY = about 1,883 JPY, 100 GBP = about 18,190 (05 Oct. 2015)
100 US dollar = about 12,500 JPY, 100 Euro = about 13,500 JPY, 100 CNY = about 2,000 JPY (23 July 2015)

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Updated on 25 June 2016