The International Doctoral Student Symposium (IDSS) is a student-running international symposium for (future) doctoral students among Hokkaido University and its partner universities. The symposium started the last year with a strong initiative of doctoral students in the field of Civil Engineering, HU, with dedicated guidance of Mrs. Werawan Manakul (previous coordinator of English Educational program, Graduate School of Engineering, HU), receiving a financial support of the Graduate School of Engineering. This year, those students from Division of Environmental Engineering took it over to hold the 2nd IDSS under the theme of Water Management in Society with Growing/Grown Population. Twenty-five research presentations by students from oversea and HU, one special lecture form Professor Yoshimasa Watanabe from Chuo University, and various social events been scheduled from October 24th to 26th .

The official language in the symposium is English. Presentation sessions and special lecture are open to any students in Hokkaido University.


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