2017-2018 Winter term:  Advanced Materials Chemistry A (Shimada)

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1 11/28 固体と分子の違い 熱電効果を例にとって introduction of solid state materials and devices / thermoelectrics

2 12/5 透明導電膜metals and transparent conductors

3 12/12 半導体 semiconductor devices - solar cells and LED (including organic semicondutors)

412/19 強相関系と強的秩序electron correlation and ferroics

51/9 アモルファスと結晶、原子移動によるデバイス DVD amorphous and phase transition dynamics

61/16 表面と界面 Electronic properties of surfaces and interfaces - photomultiplier and silver salt photography

7 1/23  力学物性 Mechanical properties - hardness and shape memory alloy

8 1/30レーザーと非線形光学 laser and nonlinear optics