Welcome to Laboratory of Advanced Materials Chemistry ! We are studying on creations and analyses of advanced materials based on photo- and electro-chemistry. New advanced materials with novel photo- and electro-functional properties are expected to open up a frontier field in future.

Photo-functional metal complexes and nanocrystals Modern photo-scienece and technology are supported by lots of photo-functional materials.
We are studying on a new luminescent metal complexes and photo-functional semiconductor nano-materials based on photo- and electrochemistry.

Electrochemical electrode for surface profile Problems of energy and resources are based on physic-chemical phenomena.
We are studying on basic researches about further functionalization and lifetime-prolongation of functional materials used as electrodes and/or structures in order to prosper our society.
Optical materials with special luminescence In recent years, the efficient use of light is becoming more and more important.
We are studying on a new nano materials and transparent ceramics which stored the light energy due to effective utilization of energy


Our research interests are,

  1. development of luminescent materials (strong luminescent lanthanide(III) complexes, lanthanide(III) complexes with photo-fuctional properties, photophysical analysis for luminescent materials, Luminescent inorganic and glass materials)
  2. development of new semiconductor nanoparticles with opto-magnetic properties (study on Faraday effect of polymer thin films containing EuO, EuS, EuSe nanoparticles)
  3. advanced analysis based on micro electro-chemistry
  4. development of new-type micro electrode based on the electro-chemistry

Research Fields

  • Photochemistry, Coordination Chemistry, Material Chemistry: Prof. Yasuchika Hasegawa
  • Electrochemistry, Corrosion Chemistry : Assoc. Prof. Koji Fushimi
  • Photophysics, Material Chemistry: Assist. Prof. Takayuki Nakanishi