Application guidelines

Check laboratory web page, professor's publications etc Check out admission page Check FAQ and contact our office if you have any questions

Types of admission

Master's courseDoctoral courseResearch student

E3 is a graduate program and offers Master’s and Doctoral courses. Besides that, in some cases it’s possible to enroll first as Research student, preparatory course for the graduate school. Please check your eligibility to apply for each course. If you want to apply for research student, make sure that you are eligible for enrollment to the next program, unless you are planning to go back after.

  • Direct Admission
  • Students who meet our academic requirements and successfully passed the document screening and on-line interview with the supervisor may be enrolled directly without arriving to Japan for the entrance exams.Please check admission criteria page for the details.

Admission calendar and deadlines

Autumn Semester
October 1st
Spring Semester
April 1st

We accept students twice a year, from Spring semester which starts in April and Autumn semester which starts in October. We have 2 main deadlines – November 15, for admission in Spring semester and May 31 for Admission in Autumn semester. However in case you are seeking the MEXT scholarship offered by our program, application procedure starts much earlier and takes nearly one year. This scholarship is offered only from Autumn semester and applications are accepted by November 15 of the preceding year. Different deadlines apply for those looking for acceptance letter. Please check each application category for the details and application schedules.

Find potential supervisor

Japanese higher education places high importance on research and to advance with your application you have to find potential supervisor who's research topic matches your research interests.

How to find potential supervisor?

You should look for one or two professors who are doing research that you are interested in conducting, fill it in in your application form and prepare proposals for them. Since websites of some laboratories are not up-to-date, the best way to find out laboratories' current research activities is to look at their thesis titles during the past five years.   Please go to the Divisions and laboratory page. You may also check Achievements page, which has abstracts of theses of graduates of our program to get an idea what kind of research was done by international students in particular laboratory.

  • Due to their business and big numbers of inquiries most of professors will not directly reply to your e-mail. After you have chosen a laboratory of your interest please contact our office.

Application for MEXT scholarship offered by the program

Our program is allocated a number of scholarships by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT). This is full support scholarship. You need to apply to our program directly. Applications accepted once a year and selection process takes longer than in case of usual admission. Application deadline is November 15.

Apply for MEXT e3 scholarship