Program in National Taiwan University from April, 2009: Information to Applicants

Established in 1928, the Chemistry Department in National Taiwan University (NTU) ranks in top-tiers of research and education institutions in Taiwan, and its reputation is recognized worldwide. Our department takes pride in its teaching excellence, advanced research facilities and its development of distinguished scientists in the past and for the future. Our department features wide varieties of programs and focuses in many areas, including Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, and Biological Chemistry.
The department currently has 33 full professors, and 12 associate professors. These scientific scholars not only devote in their own field of expertise, but also cooperate in interdisciplinary research to seek continual improvements in the quality of scientific research and teaching. Several of members of our faculty have received international awards and many of them play active roles in the editorial boards of respected international journals. Benefiting from vast investments from both public and private sectors, there has been constant improvements in laboratory facilities. In general, the lab condition and equipments have reached high world standards, creating a magnificent learning and research environments for chemistry.
The Department of Chemistry has about 280 undergraduates, 340 graduates, and 40 post Doctors. The admission for graduate students is based on either their entrance exam scores or recommendation. Every year there are a large number of applicants from top universities national wide. As a believer of diversity strength, we gratefully participate in Asian Graduate Schools of Chemistry and Materials Science, and applicants are invited to apply for our Ph.D. program in NTU. The accepted applicants can take advantage of excellent research environment and enjoy the unique cultural in Taiwan.


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Doctoral Course Curricula and Graduation Requirement:All lectures will be given in combination of Mandarin and English. At this stage, international students will attend the normal classes with domestic students in the Ph.D. program to maximize the learning experience. If necessary, the Foreign Student Center of NTU will be used to conduct Chinese education.
All courses are semester based. To qualify for the degree of doctor, students must satisfactorily earn a minimum of 26 credits including courses and research requirements from the following curricula and complete a dissertation under the NTU faculty supervision. Students also must pass cumulative exam and obtain 2 points in first year and 7 points in the rest of four years.


Curricula: Graduate Program in Chemistry

Three courses in Advanced Chemistry

(3or 4 credits) * 3

Lab research

(6 credits)

Teaching techniques and practice / two semester

(0 credits)

Seminar on current topic

(1 credits) * 4

Other Electives

(7 credits)

Total required credits

26 credits


Scholarships: All students enrolled in this program will need to provide their own tuition fee (28,890NT for the first two years, and 14,520NT from the third year and beyond). First year Ph.D. student usually may receive a studentship of about 10,000NT per month. Second year Ph.D. student and up may receive a studentship of about 26,000NT (slight variation among different each research group). Note that these finical aids are there to cover only partial of studentfs living expenses. University dormitory at very low price (7000NT per semester) are available but not guaranteed.


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