5th International Round Table on Titanium Production in Molten Salts (Ti-RT2016), 10-14 July 2016, Hokkaido, Japan
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This program was a version of 1 July 2016.
The current program (1 July 2016) has no modification in the presentation order from the previous version of 21 June 2016.
Minor change was given due to cancellation of two presentations from the previous versions, 24 May 2016 and 25 April 2016.

NO PHOTO of Presentations! The conference staff will take some pictures of presentators, and deliver them after the conference. The scientific contents should not be taken by camera, video and voice recoders. Thank you.

Plenary lecture, given by Prof. Derek J. Fray at University of Cambridge

He is one of the pioneers in this field of high temperature molten salt for titanium reduction, and off course a strong leader. He is invited by the Kyoto University Foundation, and will talk on the title "Aspects of the application of electrochemistry to the extraction of titanium and its applications" at the Monday early morning.

Invited Key note, given by Prof.emeritus, Katsutoshi Ono at Kyoto University

He proposed another mechanism using calcium deposition when he was working as a professor at Kyoto University. He is invited by Tokyo Ohka Foundation for The Promotion of Science and Technology. He will talk the previous data entitled as "OS Reactor Test" just before Monday lunch.

Oral presentations

(13 min talk + 4 min Q&A + 1 min PC Connection)
Because of so many submission of presentations, the organizers should ask all the oral presentators to reduce their presentation time from 20 min. to 18 min. The program is constructed under this principle.

Poster presentations

Because more submission of oral presentations were accepted than can be accommodated, the organizers should ask many interesting and precious presentators to shift to the poster session, which is set after the lunch time of Monday.
The place of posters is just at the exit of the meeting room for the oral session, and it is the same place of registration and the coffee break. During several coffee breaks, the presentators can explain thier poster freely, although the core time is set for 40 min. after the lunch time.

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